Don’t mess with Mother Nature

Last post I stated I was going to cut back to one post a week and then I disappear for two weeks. The first week I was under the weather but I’m good now. The moral of this story is don’t mess with Mother Nature (whine about her) or she’ll put you under the weather. I didn’t knit for a couple of days and then a couple of days I did serious sleepknitting. And then I had a full day of negative knitting (stinking tinks and frogs) due to my inability to focus. I rearranged my knit plan so that I wasn’t sleepknitting deadline knits. I didn’t really have any projects to show from that week and then decided to finish the library display critters and decided to wait and post when they were finished.  2014-04-13 19.16.47 2014-04-13 19.17.05

The stinking tinks and frogs were the result of my decision to modify the hem of  my just (k)nits for fun  Grenadine (Bailey’s Irish Cream) and use the cable lace pattern as the hem rather than folded hem. This required mathematical skills that were beyond the capabiities of my recuperating brain. First I didn’t cast on the right number of stitches, then left out a row, then failed to change the direction of the cables. I’m on track now and using US size 5 needles and Quince and Co Chickadee in Pomegranate colorway. I’ve finished about 4 inches. I’ve also finished one sleeve but will frog it and use a US size 6 needle to knit the sleeves.2014-04-13 09.18.12

My just (k)nits for others were another Maggie the Mama Owl in Malabrigo Rios Jupiter and Lavanda colorway and another Basic Uni-Body in Cascade 220. Both are knit on US size 5 needles. I’ll be knitting quite a few Uni-bodies for use as “backpack buddies” so like the owls I’ll post pictures when I’ve finished 4 or 5 of them. I think I have two more owls to make.2014-04-08 08.24.12

Just (k)nits bound off…all the library display critters are finished. I bound off Compact Cat in Pajamas using Dancing Dog Dyeworks Waltz Worsted in The Grinch in Whoville and Cindy Lou Who Pink. Meager Mouse was knit from GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome Little Bunny Foo Foo. Small Squirrelwas also knit from GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome Lady Camo.2014-04-09 07.49.07 Micro Monkey was knit from Dancing Dog Dyeworks Squish n Shout in Baby Bacon and Tealicious. All were knit on US size 5 needles.

Now for the just (k)nits casting on.. Now the library pieces are done I’ll be cutting back to small project Saturdays. I plan to finish my Russian socks which have been patiently hibernating. I did work on them a bit Friday evening after I finished Micro Monkey.2014-04-10 18.29.31 I plan to take next Saturday off to play catch up on the Grenadine so won’t have small-project Saturday until April 26. Once the socks are finished I’m just (k)nits casting on Frances the Sock Wearing Fox in Leading Men Fiber Arts Box Office The Fox Says What? colorway.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.2014-04-12 08.12.53

Last gasp

at last!!! I’ve tried not to complain about winter too much because all of us have had a severe winter. Here in North Carolina she gasped her last (I hope) Sunday morning. I checked the temperature before getting dressed and determined that long-sleeves would be appropriate and no jacket necessary. When I trotted out my front door two hours later, I realized I was wrong. It was snowing. Of course, I’m running late so have time to return to the house for a jacket. Fortunately that part of my shawl collection that doesn’t live in a drawer rides around in my car so I threw one around me and journeyed on. Now enough about knitwear and winter and on to (k)nits and spring.2014-03-29 17.04.52

Just (k)nits bound off this weekend were Bantam Bunny in GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome in Little Bunny Foo Foo, Lil Love Slug2014-03-31 08.04.58 in GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome in Wabbit Season Duck Season and Basic Uni-Body in Cascade 220. All made on US size 5 needles with eyes and noses from 6060eyes. I think arms and legs could be added to Lil Love Slug to make a frog and I may try that sometime. I have six more critters to knit for the library display and then I’ll finish my Russian socks. I’ve been working the critters on Friday and Saturday because I had a deadline but once they’re done. I’ll work small pieces on Saturdays only and just (k)nits for others on Sunday. The Basic Uni-body was this week’s just (k)nits for others. Next week I’ll make another Maggie the Mama Owl.


My still in progress just (k)nits for fun is my Grenadine sweater.2014-03-31 08.04.49 The pattern is Bailey’s Irish Cream using Quince & Co Chickadee in Pomegranate colorway. When I swatched this piece, I determined that I should use US size 5 needles for the sleeves and US 4 needles for the body. After knitting most of sleeve 1, I now think I’ll use US size 5 needles for the body and US 6 needles for the sleeves. Sleeve 1 is tighter than I like my sleevesI plan to knit the sweater body next and then will knit sleeve 2 and possibly sleeve 1 again.2014-03-31 08.05.53 Also, I’ll be modifying the sweater a bit. I’m no fan of  folded hems. So I’ll be working a lace pattern repeat as the hem on the sweater. I like the look of this on the sleeves. I also will not have a faux seam (don’t like these either) or waist shaping (don’t need this) .

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.

Death by frog

My just (k)nits for fun sweater, Severi, has been sentenced to death by frog. It was either that or life in a drawer. I finished the yoke boxes yesterday and tried it2014-03-22 16.26.51 on. I don’t like the way it fit. The neck is too too big and the armholes are too too small. Anything I could do to remedy the neck I won’t like so I decided that I’d frog the yoke boxes and rework it into a short raglan sleeve sweater a la Elizabeth Zimmerman. I think I’ll be much happier with this. It will have to spend six weeks in jail (rework box) while I do the math to redesign.I use The Sweater Workshop as guidelines and have to dig that book out of the bookcase. This sweater is now known as the Jailbait Sweater.

During that time I’ll be just (k)nitting for fun Bailey’s Irish Cream in Quince and Co Chickadee Pomegranate colorway using  US size 4 needles. I swatched Monday night using US size 5 needles and gauge is a bit big so I’ll be going down a size for the body and using US 5′s for the sleeves which are in the round. 2014-03-26 08.34.45Okay…rewind…I’m knitting the sleeve and am pretty much on gauge and smaller on the lace pattern so I’ll be using US size 5 needles throughout.

Over the weekend, I just (k)nits bound off Small Peanuts the Elephant in Another Crafty Girl Merino Worsted Our New Home colorway, Cutie Cactus in  Cascade 220, Runty Raccoon (aka Camo Coon) in GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome Wabbit Season Duck Season and Flyspeck Fox in Leading Men Fiber Arts Box Office Fox Says What?. All used US size 5 needles and eyes and noses were from 6060eyes.2014-03-22 16.25.41

Just (k)nits casting on are Lil Love Slug, Basic Unibody and Maggie the Mama Owl. I haven’t decided what colors to use.

Blog fodder has been slow lately so I’ll be cutting back to one post a week. If anything exciting happens in South Park, I’ll post more.2014-03-26 07.59.26

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


Ain’t no cure

for the wintertime blues. Yep we’ve all got them and are all about over winter and ready for spring. I love winter and even I’ve had enough. I’ve spent a lot of time dealing with cleaning off the car and shoveling snow and rearranging my days because work or appointments were changed which means less knitting. I am hoping that spring will cure these blues and the sooner the better. Now enough whining let’s talk about the (k)nits.

My “big” just (k)nits for fun project, Severi, is moving right along. I’m on the fifth yoke box. I failed to count every five rows which resulted in a visit to the frog pond. I’m trying to finish a box a day but may not make it today. My plan was to finish it this week but that will not happen. I’m not thrilled with the way this sweater looks. The yoke boxes have ladders which I’m hoping will go away when blocked. Also I’m afraid that I won’t have enough yarn. I’m on my last skein out of 3 and have finished four and a half boxes so not sure that I have enough to finish the last 2.5.2014-03-18 17.43.01 The colorway is discontinued and none is listed for destash on Ravelry. I may have to finish the center of the last box with one of the solids. I bought the quantity suggested by the pattern.

Over the weekend, I just (k)nits bound off Basic Bowling Pin Body in Dancing Dog Dyeworks  Waltz Worsted2014-03-18 17.44.06 The Grinch in Whoville colorway on US size 5 needles. I also just (k)nits bound off another Maggie the Mama Owl in Malabrigo Rios Jupiter and Lavanda colorways on US size 5 needles. This yarn makes very nice fabric for softies so I’ll be using it often when Gate City Yarns has it.

Still in just (k)nits for fun is 2014-03-18 17.44.35Small Peanuts Elephant in Another Crafty Girl Merino Worsted Our New Home colorway and Cascade 220 using US size 5 needles.  I’m hoping to finish before Friday but that is not looking good right now. If not, I’ll finish her up with just (k)nits casting on, Flyspeck Fox, Runty Raccoon and another Cutie Cactus.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.

Gone to the dogs

If you’ve been following a while , you know that I had a much loved dog named Debit who crossed the bridge in June. In July, after vacation and an internal debate about dog vs cat, I adopted Stash Cat. All my local friends have had to listen to and been bored to tears with stories about how this cat is crazy. He literally would run and jump for hours on end. He didn’t sleep at night and kept Izzy and me awake too. He darted outside every time I opened the door…even when we had sub-zero temperatures. He also does some pretty un-catlike things like get in the shower with me. 2014-03-09 09.00.37I have to pick him up and remove him from the tub area. So now that we’re having warmer weather and against my better judgment, I’m letting him be an inside-outside kitty which has calmed him down considerably. When I arrived home one afternoon, my neighbor stopped me and said “your cat loves my dog.”2014-03-09 08.52.09 Stash has been playing with and head butting,cheek rubbing her dog. Another friend told me he greeted her dog with friendly physical contact while they were walking. So I guess the cat has now gone to the dogs…hopefully he won’t tangle with any unfriendly dogs.

Now on to the just (k)nits bound off. I bound off Cutie Cactus using US size 5 needles and Cascade 220 and Itty Bitty Batty using GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome in Wabbit Season Duck Season and US size 5 needles and Junior Jackalope using GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome Lady Camo and US size 5 needles. All eyes and noses are from 6060eyes. This weekend2014-03-14 08.58.28 I’ll be just (k)nits casting on Basic Bowling Pin Body, Maggie the Mama Owl and Small-Peanuts Elephant. I am finding that working on the critters on weekends and working my larger just (k)nits for fun project during the week seems to be working better for me.

My current IB project is Severi in Berroco Linsey on US size 2 and 4 needles. I’m working the yoke boxes and using two circulars instead of double points as suggested by the pattern.2014-03-14 08.56.52 I’ve finished the third box and, since at a stopping point, set this aside a few hours early last night and cast on Basic Bowling Pin Body using Dancing Dog Dyeworks Waltz Worsted The Grinch in Whoville colorway on US size 5 needles (no picture). I’m hoping to start working on Severi Sunday afternoon or evening.

I was on a road trip Monday and worked on the Russian Socks but didn’t take a picture of these either. I’m about done with the second leg. These are knit using Fish Lips Kiss Heel and the yarn is Russian Fairytale from Fireweed Dyeworks.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.

Fly by

This is a picture-less fly by post. What’s up?

It snowed and iced in NC so spent time yesterday shoveling. Also reason for no pictures. Frankly I like winter but I’m ready for flip-flops.

I finished body and one yoke box on Severi.

I cast on and finished Itty Bitty Batty then cast on Junior Jackalope and have finished body. I need to be away from home this afternoon so will cast on Cutie Cactus and finish Junior and Cutie tomorrow.

I have a crazy busy week next week so probably won’t post again until Friday.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.

Robots and cacti and owls…oh my!

If you remember, I decided a couple of weeks ago to try working my just (k)nts for fun sweater project Mondays through Thursdays and then work smaller projects Friday and Saturday and just (k)nits for others on Sundays. Right now this means I have critter weekends because I’m working the softies from Rebecca Danger’s 50 Yards of Fun for a display.This will continue probably through mid-April and seems to be working better for me than working a bit on each project every day.

Friday I just (k)nits bound off Bitsy Bot 2014-03-01 16.42.28who was knit on US size 5 needles using GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome Wabbit Season Duck Season and scraps of Cascade 220. The antenna is supposed to be an i-cord knit around a chenille stem. I’ve made this critter two times and both times have had a fail. The first time I knit the antenna then the other appendages and the stem got pushed into the body of Bitssy somehow. This time I had trouble getting the i-cord to cover the stem so I removed it. The antenna stands up fine and is safer for small kids.

On Saturday I just (k)nits bound off  Cutie Cactus  on US size 5 needles using Cascade 220. The clay pot is a 1.5 inch pot and is available at box craft supply stores. I’m not going to name which one because, frankly, I don’t like any of them and only shop there for when absolutely necessary.2014-03-04 09.05.22

On Sunday I just (k)nits bound off another Maggie the Mama Owl. This one is number seven and is from Malabrigo Rios Jupiter and Lavanda colorways on US size 5 needles. I haven’t used this yarn for softies but really liked it. It is soft and makes a nice fabric. 2014-03-04 09.03.58I’m getting a bit bored with the owls so will alternate a few shut-in critters or backpack buddies with them till the last 4 are finished. I have plenty of time to finish these. Here’s a group photo for owls 5, 6, and 7.

Monday found me just (k)nitting for fun my Severi in Berroco Linsey (sorry I still haven’t looked up the color name). I knit a couple of inches yesterday. I’m using US size 4 needles for the body. As you can see Stash was doing his job as knit inspector. (Actually he was begging to go outside.)2014-03-04 09.00.48

Till next time, no tinks, no frogs, just (k)nits.

Not quite

…but close enough. I’m not quite finished with my Russian Socks but I’m close enough that I decided to make them my work-in-public project. I’m almost half finished with the leg of sock 2. I have multiple occasions in the next few weeks where I’ll be playing the waiting game and the sock will be excellent for waiting.2014-02-28 08.25.01

I cast on a new just (k)nits for fun project, Severi. I opted to knit the larger size and use US 2 and 4 needles. I’ve knitted about six inches and am using Berroco Linsey. This is my second sweater in 2014, and I’m beginning to feel that my goal of 12 is a bit ambitious. So I sat down with a calendar and planning a sweater every four weeks I still think I can do it. Yes it’s ambitious but I’m not going to lower my goal yet and I’m still hoping that, once the critters are all done, I’ll be able to knit some small pieces between sweaters. 2014-02-28 08.23.35

I’ll be setting aside the sweater for my critter weekend. I’ll be just (k)nits casting on Bitsy Bot and Cutie Cactus. Both will be on US size 5 needles. I think Bitsy will be from GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome Wabbit Season Duck Season with bits of Cascade 220. Cutie will be with Cascade 220.

Sunday will be just (k)nits for others day and I’ll knit another Maggie the Mama Owl from Malabrigo Rios Jupiter colorway with Casecade 220 trim (maybe).

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.

Weekend (k)nit in

I spent most of my weekend in non-public clothes. After work Friday I bought groceries…mostly snacks and beverages for the weekend. Then I cam home and hunkered down with the (k)nits for the weekend. Yeah it was spring-like but I’m an indoors kind of girl so I had a (k)nit in.2014-02-21 20.41.29

I was pretty productive too. Basic peanut body, Bitty Bee and Maggie the Mama Owl # 62014-02-22 20.40.03 became just (k)nits bound off. All were knit on US size 5 needles. Basic peanut body is in  Dancing Dog Dyeworks Waltz Worsted Turtle Turtle colorway. Bitty Bee is in GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome in Witches Brew with bits of Cascade 220. Maggie the Mama Owl used the last of  the Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in Robot Overlord with scraps of unknown origin.

Since the weather co-operated and I was able to dry outside, I blocked Mr Bluejeans.. I usually steam block sweaters but opted to wet block this one. I didn’t aggressively block the edging to the full measurement given in the pattern because I felt the Malabrigo Rios would relax more in that area with wear. I may steam it a bit later if necessary to open the cable-rib section.2014-02-24 11.44.18

I also swatched for just (k)nits casting on Severi which I’ll be (k)nitting in Berroco Linsey. The pattern calls for a US size 7 needle. I used a US size 4 to et gauge after wet blocking. I’m now trying to decide what size to knit. This yarn relaxes significantly when worn. If I make a smaller size (zero ease), it may be too tight and the larger size (4 inches postive ease) may be too big.I’m leaning toward the larger size and plan to cast on tomorrow and finish up the Russian socks on Wednesday as a work in public project. 2014-02-24 11.44.34

Speaking of the just (k)nits for fun Russian socks, I did work them a bit last night but only knit a couple of rows before sleepknitting started. I plan to finish them Wednesday.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.

Kitty snips and needle tips

I have some cute little snips that Hiya Hiya makes that look like a kitty but the kitty snips I’m referring to here are called Stash and Izzy and usually they’re making unnecessary snips. I’ll be knitting away and suddenly I hit a patch of sopping wet yarn…wet with cat saliva because one of cats–mostly Stash–has made a snip. These snips aren’t problematic unless I’m knitting with self-striping yarn. I’m not OCD about my stripes matching perfectly because that ain’t happening. I do however like the feet of both socks to look pr2014-02-21 08.12.50etty much the same. So when Stash snipped the yarn on my just (k)nits for fun Russian sock 2 while I was working the toe, I started over. So I won’t finish these socks by Closing Ceremony but that’s okay. I’ve just finished the Fish Lips Kiss heel of sock 2 and am very pleased with how well the feet match. 2014-02-21 08.09.59I’ll be setting the socks aside for the weekend because…

First I use US size 0 needles to knit my socks and also recently started using lace tip Chiao Goo needles. The regular tips are sharp enough that I wear  adhesive strip to protect the tip of my left index finger. The lace tips will cut through the strip so I’m going to give my finger some recuperative time over the weekend. Also the plan is to work critters on the weekends till the end of April so I will  work on just (k)nits casting on Basic Peanut Body andBitty Bee. On Sunday I’ll make another just (k)nits for others Maggie the Mama Owl.. Hopefully all three critters will be just (k)nits bound off by bedtime Sunday. This will be a pajama party stay-at-home-and-knit weekend. (I may even slide swatching for Severi into the mix.)

I did just (k)nits bound off Dinky Doggy in Dancing Dog Dyeworks Squish N Shout in Baby Bacon and Tealicious colorways on US size 5 needles. Eyes and nose are from 6060 eyes.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.

Just (k)nits bound off 2014

Maggie the Mama Owl 1
Fractional Fish
Maggie the Mama Owl 2
Maggie the Mama Owl 3
Little Luchador
Basic Biscuit Body
Maggie the Mama Owl 4
Not-big Guinea Pig
Maggie the Mama Owl 5
Half-sized Hippo
Pithy Platypus
12 Stripes of Christmas socks
Undersized Unicorn
Mr Bluejeans (sweater 1)
Basic Stitchy Body
Dinky Doggy
Basic Peanut Body
Bantam Bunny
Lil Love Slug
Backpack buddy 1
Bitty Bee
Maggie the Mama Owl #6
Bitsy Bot
Cutie Cactus
Maggie the Mama Owl #7
Cutie Cactus
Junior Jackalope
Itty Bitty Batty
Maggie the Mama Owl #8
Basic Bowling Pin Body
Small-Peanuts Elephant
Cutie Cactus 2
Flyspeck Fox
Camo Coon
Backpack buddy 2
Maggie the Mama Owl #9
Compact Cat in PJs
Meager Mouse
Small Squirrel
Micro Monkey

Just (k)nits for others

Maggie the Mama Owl 10 on US size 5 needles using Malabrigo Rios Jupiter Backpack buddies

Just (k)nits for fun

Guinevere Socks on US size 1 needles in Wooly Wonka Electra Sock in Tarnished
Russian socks on US size 0 in Fireweed Dyeworks Russian Fairytale
Jailbait sweater on US size 2 and 4 in Berroco Linsey
Grenadine on US size 5 in Quince & Co Chickadee Pomegranate

Just (k)nits casting on

Maggie the Mama Owl #10
Frances the Sock Wearing Fox
Topsy Turvy Toys
Caffe Machiatto Socks
Knit 12 sweaters in 2014--1 down 11 to go


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