Take it Ease-y

2015-09-03 08.00.03Ease…those extra inches in sweaters that make them roomy or tight, if lacking. I love lots of positive ease. I like at least 3 inches of positive ease and would take more but sometimes that results in sweaters falling from shoulders or other issues. I have a tendency to occasionally buy patterns that work best with zero or negative ease and had several fails at adding ease to them to realize that sometimes that just does not work. A pattern’s stating “meant to be worn with zero or negative ease” means just that. I thought I’d learned to read Ravelry descriptions before pattern purchase but apparently not. I bought one last week and was in the process of queuing it when I realized it should be “worn with zero ease” and knew adding ease wouldn’t work with this pattern. I may use the motif later for design purposes. Yarn intended for this sweater will be used to make a design sweater down the road.

Speaking of sweaters, I’ve a major case of sweater castonitis. I want to cast on a sweater so bad I can imagehardly stand it. I think this is because my online friends are posting pictures of Rhinebeck sweaters (loving all the versions of Hitofude)  on Instagram. I even devised a plan of alternate weeks working shawl and sweater. Fortunately common sense prevailed and I won’t be casting on a sweater just yet.

Good news!!! Mint Julep is now just (k)nits bound off. This piece has been hibernating for a while and needed to be finished before I cast on another sweater. imageIt is (k)nit from Classic Elite Majestic Tweed in Cherry Pie colorway on US size 8 needles. It needs buttons and wetblocking. I’ve (k)nit a couple of Baby Cocktails patterns and have found that her shoulder treatments don’t fit me quite right. I wear them and like the way they look but the shoulders just don’t feel right…same here and could just be me being persnickety. I do plan to knit more of her designs.2015-08-29 09.02.06

Actually I had lots of  things that are just (k)nits bound off since last post. The Eight Maids a-Milking socks from Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien on 2.25 mm needles are finished. Come What May on US size 6 needles using Another Crafty Girl Oh Shiny! Sock in Ghost Children colorway is a block away from being ready to gift. Davis Fish Hat in GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome Little Plastic Bricks 2015-08-29 09.00.14colorway on US size 6 needles is ready to be bagged,tagged and delivered to young Master Davis. Backpack buddies using various yarns on US size 4 needles are now reminding school kids and teachers that they are loved.

Just dead(k)nits Sockhead Hat using GnomeAcres House Gnome in Batgirl on US size 2.5 needles is slowly moving along. I’m now in the stockinette section (YAY!) and, since I love to purl (yeah, I heard a bunch of “eews” from my knitting friends), I’m working it in reverse stockinette.  This may result in my decreases leaning the wrong way but we don’t have to tell. Except for the 4 inches of 2×2 rib this is a very good dead (k)nitting project.

2015-08-29 09.03.182015-08-22 18.40.21I’m also dead(k)nitting Nine Ladies Dancing Socks on 2.25 mm needles using Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien and fish lips kiss heel. These are my September club socks and have to be finished by September 30.

I’m just (k)nitting in the zone Rockefeller #2 in Wollmeise Pure in Ruby Thursday and 47 Ag on US size 3 needles. One of my knitting friends wanted to (k)nit this and I wanted to knit another so we decided to (k)nit it together. I made one when Stephen West introduced it as a mystery knitalong and it is one of my favorite pieces to wear.

I’m just (k)nitting for others a Fish Hat for Peyton using GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome Doppelganger kit for Lady Camo and US size 6 needles. Actually it is off the needles and needs eyes and a bath. Sunday the plan is to cast on another Gramps for baby Jase using GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome in Wabbit Season Duck Season. Jase’s mom loves camo stuff so thought she’d like this yarn. I had owl buttons made for this project.

Sorry this feels like it ran long…but I finished several things at the same time. Next post my topic will be “when all else fails, read the instructions.”

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


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  1. 1 chrisknits September 3, 2015 at 11:24 pm

    I just finished a Collins and I agree. I have done the sleep cap twice now and sewn it in the armhole, but it is still too narrow and not right. So I will redo it a 3rd time!!! But I want the thing to fit and not be fussing with it constantly.

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