Why Shop Local?

As you know I’m making quite a few baby sweaters. All of the new babies are boys so most will use the Gramps pattern. I have some Wabbit Season Duck Season yarn which I thought called for owl buttons so I checked Tessa Ann‘s shop and didn’t see what I wanted.  So did a search on Etsy and found some from a seller in France. They were sized in centimeters and I ordered 2.4 cm buttons thinking they’d be pretty close to 7/8 inch. (After ordering, these I determined that I’d ordered owls before from Tessa Ann and ordered more from her to go with Wabbit Season Duck Season and decided to use the French buttons on Gramps Turner. The French buttons arrived and were well packaged in two bubble wrap bundles so I opened one to inspect (note that I only opened one). The button was much larger than the  7/8 inch I’d thought (so much for my metric conversions) so I made the buttonholes bigger and finished the sweater. When I finished Gramps Turner, I sewed on the first button–you know, the one I opened. imageThen I opened the second bundle to discover that the first button, the larger one, was actually a freebie and that the buttons I ordered were 7/8 inch and that my buttonholes were too large. imageSo with the aid of a tapestry needle and a bit of yarn I fixed the buttonholes so they worked. The moral of the story…shop local and you won’t have any surprises. The button on the right is the free button and the other is the “right” button.

So Gramps Turner in Berroco Vintage on US size 7 and 6 needles is just (k)nits bound off and a block away and possibly elbow patches from gifting. I have some time because I cast on a fish hat for big brother Davis in GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome Little Plastic Bricks. I’m modifying the pattern a bit to make a small child size. I’m using US size 7 needles. Unhappily,I’ve had to make mods to get stitch counts right for shaping purposes so may go down to a US size 6 on the next one and increase the cast on stitches which would have been better. The fish hat is a just (k)nits for others project which I also can sleep(k)nit.

Speaking of just sleep(k)nits to go imagethe Seven Swans a-swimmin’ Fish Lips Kiss heel socks on 2.25 mm needles and using Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien in the Swans Swimming colorway are just (k)nits bound off. On August 1 I will cast on Eight Maids a-milkin’ socks also using Fish Lips Kiss.

I am seriously contemplating calling this category just zombie(k)nits. I’ve been binge watching The Walking Dead and quickly learned that watching the zombies required full attention and that any (k)nitting needed to be of the mindless zombie variety. I spent much time amphibious (k)nitting, tinking or rewinding the television.

I also have just (k)nits bound off my version of Come What May in Annie Yarns Destiny in Blackberries colorway using US size 6 needles. This was a delightful (k)nit. I call it my version because it fell victim to the binge watching and had an accidental pattern modification. It’s still a block away and picture is sideways and color is no where close imagebut you can get an idea. I had never knit any of Susan B Anderson’s shawls and am well-pleased with the pattern and the piece.

I’m just (k)nitting for others the 2015 backpack buddies for the church kids, youth and teachers. This year I’m using Bluebird of Happiness and yarn leftovers and US size 4 needles. I’ll wait till all are bound off to take a picture.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


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