F is for Fun

I reviewed my progress on my 2015 (k)nitting goals and decided that my grade is most definitely an F. I’m not even close on any of them. The tote I’m supposed to empty…I’ve added more projects to it than I’ve (k)nit.Technique Tuesdays stopped early in the year. The spinning 30 minutes a day ceased when Gilligan came on board and then hot weather came (this is to restart soon…very soon). I’ve one sweater still in progress because I haven’t assembled it to pick up neckbands. Once I reviewed, I reflected on this a bit and decided that, while I wasn’t completing the items on my list, I am having fun and that should be my #1 (and really only) (k)nitting goal. So that F is for fun and I’m going to continue to make that grade.

An example of what happens is my current case of castonitis. I’ve seen Sockhead Hat many times on Facebook and Instaimagegram and a couple of podcasts. Recently a friend posted a picture of two she was making and now I have a huge case of castonitis for this hat. I even bought a skein of Batgirl in Sparkle Gnome to make it and am “planning” two more. Again I’m having fun (remind me of that when I whine about the four inches of 2×2 rib).image

Before I can cast on the Sockhead, I must finish several just (k)nits for others projects. I’m focused right now on (k)nitting the backpack buddies for the church kids and teachers. I’m using US size 4 needles, leftover yarns and Bluebird of Happiness is the pattern  I had some issues with this pattern but didn’t realize it until I had finished quite a few birds. They look okay so I’m continuing to (k)nit my version. I should finish these over the weekend.

I’m also (k)nitting a fish hat for Davis from GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome in Little Plastic Bricks. I’m using US size 7 needles and reduced the number of stitches cast on to 78 stitches to make a small child size. This would have worked okay until I started my shaping decreases but I had math fail when trying to figure this out so once the mouth was shaped I cast on a few stitches so that total stitch count was a multiple of 9. I think the next one I’m going to try a US size 6 needle and cast on 82 stitches at the beginning then decrease an extra stitch in the first decrease round. That being said, I’m obviously planning to cast on another fish hat for Peyton in Squishy Gnome which will also need to be finished before casting on my Sockhead.

Also once the backpack buddies are done, I’ll start just (k)nits in the zone again. I’ll be casting on Perfect Retreat Shawl using Dream in Color Smooshy in Some Summer Sky colorway using US size 6 needles. This is also a just (k)nits for others project that is a do-over for a shawl I made earlier that was soiled/stained because I didn’t put it in a bag and left it in my office at work. So I want to finish it quickly and before I start my Sockhead.

My just dead (k)nits project continues is Eight Maids a-Milking socks using Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien in Maids Milking colorway and 2.25 mm needles. I’m using Fish Lips Kiss heel.  I also work on the fish hats as just dead (k)nits also. Note category name change.  Zombie (k)nits is used a lot so decided dead (k)nits was a better choice since these are projects that I can work while I’m “brain dead” or while watching the Dead.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


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