U-turn (k)nitting

I am just (k)nitting for others a Lush Cardigan in child’s size 2 to 4 using US sizes 4 and 6 needles and Berroco Vintage DK. The pattern calls for US size 3 and I used the size 4s accidentally. The pattern has an interesting construction with a yoke band that is knitted from the center back using provisional cast on. I use Judy’s magic cast on for provisional cast-on but don’t like the way it worked out on this piece so when I make another I’ll use an extra needle cable or crochet method.I mostly work on this piece on Sundays and yesterday was knitting along on the stockinette part of the body and felt a place in the fabric that didn’t feel right. Upon examination, I discovered that I’d made a u-turn about 1/3 of the way across a row. U-turn means I had a short row when I shouldn’t have had a short row. I’d stopped to take a break mid-row (something I rarely do)  and when I started again executed a u-turn and went the wrong way. Frog pond visit…yep! (I may have to set this project aside as I have a young friend with cancer and will be making a fish hat for him.)

I just (k)nits bound off Gavin’s fish hat in GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome Wabbit Season Duck Season and Another Crafty Girl Merino Worsted in Meep Meep BUT haven’t sewn on eyes so didn’t take a picture. Stay tuned.

Just sleep(k)nitting to go is Gold Ring Socks for the officially unofficial Desert Vista Dyeworks monthly sock club 2015. I’m using the One Needle Mock Gusset heel treatment (my version). I had a bit of trouble following the designer’s original pattern so am using it in combination with Josh Ryks’ version. I’m also using bar (kfb) increases instead of make 1 and German short rows instead of the short row treatment suggested by the designers.I have finished sock 1. Let me get on my soapbox here. Recently a knitting friend asked about German short rows. This knitter is an experienced knitter but wasn’t acquainted with German short rows. Someone had stated in her presence “German short rows are the only way to go.” NOT!!! Yes I prefer them but they are not the only way to go.  Knitting allows us to use our creativity in selecting which techniques to use. I don’t always use German short rows. Occasionally they don’t look right in a piece.  image

I’m also just (k)nitting in the zone again…well, trying to (k)nit in the zone. I’m knitting Lullaby Rain on US size 6 needles using Quince & Co Chickadee in Glacier colorway. I’ve just started the “lace” part and had some difficulties setting up row 1 so tinking there was. I’m on track now. Since Gilligan joined the crew, just (k)nitting in the zone may be more difficult, especially on rainy days when he can’t hang out in the fenced yard.

Hopefully this will be finished by May 31 as I’ve “signed on” (bought the pattern) for TTL Mystery Shawl KAL 2015. Yes, I know I haven’t finished the TTL Mystery  Sock KAL yet. If I finish Lullaby Rain earlier, maybe I can finish the socks. I will use Shalimar Breathless in Crayfish and Passionfruit and US size 7 needles for the shawl.

I’m hoping to stay away from the frogs and tinks the next week or so and for the rest of you…

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.

Stockinette Snooze

Okay so it’s really the stockinette blues…I’ve been doing a lot of stockinette lately. Mint Julep had a few cables but mostly it’s rows and rows of stockinette. Of course, the officially unofficial socks are all stockinette and the hats and critters are stockinette also. Frankly, I’m about over it. One of my knit night friends and I have been wanting to cast on lace for some time. Right now the plan is to do just that once Mint Julep is finished.  I need to knit a half dozen toddler sweaters but I’m going to knit one lace piece before starting to work on them during the week.

I’ve tentatively decided that the lace piece will be Lullaby Rain using US size 6 needles and Quince and Co Chickadee in Glacier. This will be a just (k)nits in the zone project and I will cast on in the next couple of days. I’m still debating between this and another shawl but I’m feeling the love for Lullaby Rain right now.

I’m still just sleep(k)nitting to go Mint Julep on US size 8 needles using Classic Elite Majestic Tweed in Cherry Pie. Now tomorrow is Derby Day so I was hoping to finish it tomorrow. The pieces will be finished but I need to block so I can sew shoulder seams to pick up bands. That will not be happening. So this piece will sleep a bit before assembly and band knitting.

Since it’s May, I’ll be casting on a new pair of socks for the Officially Unofficial Desert Vista Dyeworks Monthly Sock Club. I’ll be using Zien and 2.25 mm needles and one-needle mock gusset heel treatment (I think). Colorway is Gold Rings. I’d planned to knit all of these with fish lips kiss heel but I’m a bit bored with it and needed to take a break. I still love it.

My just (kimage)nits for others is a dead fish hat for Gavin in GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome Wabbit Season Duck Season and Another Crafty Girl Merino Worsted Meep Meep. I’m using US size 6 needles.

I’ve just (k)nits bound off Four Calling Birds socks using 2.25 mm needles and Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien in Calling Birds and Fish Lips Kiss heel treatment. Also bound off is Sam the Super Frog using US size 5 needles and Malabrigo Rios Lettuceimage and Another Crafty Girl Merino Worsted Mr Bassman.

Now a word about the crew…Gilligan wants to help with the knitting. The yarn for the Four Calling Birds socks had a rough life. The first wind, my winder broke so I had to hand wind. The new winder came so I caked it. imageThen it became yarn barf from the Gilligan virus and had to be detangled and hand wound again. I make sure now that all yarns are kept in the project bags at all times. I’ve been using zipper bags but am now being reminded why I used drawstring ones for so long. Gilligan has settled in and is becoming the lap dog after a lot of “Gilligan No!” and “Off” and distraction with chew toys.image Izzy doesn’t like this and has picked several fights to try to reclaim her lap. She even tried to invade Gilligan’s crate in hopes of getting him off my lap. She has another think coming if she thinks he’s going to give up the recliner and my lap for a dog crate. Also, this gave me the idea that if Izzy keeps starting fights, I can put her in the crate and she can have time-out.image We’re all beginning to settle in.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


Frogs and Dogs

Count your stitches…count them one by one…count your stitches see if they’re all there…count your stitches…count them one by one…count your many stitches and you won’t see frogs. Yes, I’ve had to frog my just sleep(k)nits to go project, Mint Julep, several times. Why? because I didn’t count my stitches. One would think that I’d learn. It’s been a long time since I reported any (k)nitting progress. Last (k)nitting related post I had finished one sleeve but now I’ve finished both sleeves and am about finished with the back. I’m using Classic Elite Majestic Tweed in Cherry Pie and US size 8 needles. I’m no longer going to post pictures of works-in-progress. Most of the time you really can’t tell much about the piece until it’s finished.

2015-03-30 18.32.29I just (k)nits bound off  the Three French Hens Socks in Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien on 2.25 mm needles using 66 stitches and Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I also cast on another pair of socks using Four Calling Birds colorway and have finished sock 1. This is a just sleep(k)nits to go project also.

Just (k)nits for others …I just (k)nits bound off Top This! Puppy hat 2015-03-14 10.14.08using a kit from DMC and US size 9 needles and BonBon16005_10205693410042234_1104063623595046383_n using GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome in Little Bunny Foo Foo colorway and Cascade 220 superwash and US size 5 needles. The designer, Susan Claudino, used a three-needle decrease on BonBon for attaching appendages that I really liked.

Then I cast on Sam the Super Frog in Malabrigo Rios Lettuce colorway and Another Crafty Girl Merino Mr Bassman. This is for my friend, Swanny, who is a very sick gentleman. So this one is a Sam the Flock Cancer Frog.

I think that’s all the just (k)nitting stuff. Next up…where have I been? 2015-03-26 15.54.10Again I have been incredibly busy for about six weeks now and am HOPING that my “life” schedule has returned to normal. In addition to my crazy busy schedule, Gilligan came on board March 25. So I’ve been training him or he’s been training me I’m not sure which. He’s very lively (read “wild”) but is beginning to settle some as I now have more time to work with him and he was gifted a Kong toy which entertains him during recliner dog time. 2015-04-07 15.41.12Once he’s trained, he’ll make a great first mate (Izzy’s says her vote’s still out on that one). Izzy doesn’t want to play and has let Gilligan know this in very plain cat language. Here are a couple of pictures of Gilligan and one with Izzy and Gilligan in background. This was first time we’d all been in recliner together.2015-04-16 19.01.59

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits!

Crew change

It’s been a while…I’ve been incredibly busy the last couple of weeks so what spare time I’ve had I focused on just (k)nitting rather than writing about. I’m not really going to write about knitting today either because I’m just not feeling the love for writing about knitting. I do want to share that I’m undergoing a crew change here. Stash Cat has disappeared and has been missing in action for almost a week. While I’m still hoping that this is a temporary disappearance, I’ve learned that several other cats in the neighborhood have disappeared recently. So I’ve chosen to say goodbye to Stash and move on. If he comes back, he’ll be welcomed with open arms and kitty cuddles by both me and his other mother who lives across the street and spoiled him even more than I did. I do believe that he helped me find his replacement.

I have been considering adding a canine member to the crew and around the first of March out local shelter posted an eight month old terrier/beagle mix named Gilligan. I’d planned a day trip for March 16 and decided that, if Gilligan was still there on St Paddy’s Day which was the date I got Debit D Dog, I’d go to the shelter and check him out. I didn’t leave work on that day till late and had an appointment which didn’t allow time to go see Gilligan. So I was going the next day but decided to wait until later this week when I had to be in that area. Then Stash disappeared and, even though he’s chipped, I felt compelled to physically go to the shelter to check for him. While there on Saturday, I met Gilligan and totally fell in love. They were very busy so I decided to think about it and come back later. Monday morning found me calling to be sure that Gilligan was still there. He was and, when they opened at noon, I was there to “gotcha” Gilligan. He will be coming aboard after vetting on Wednesday afternoon. We were pretty excited yesterday and this the best of all the bad pictures.2015-03-23 12.08.01

So goodbye, Stash. I’ll see you later either when you return home or at the rainbow bridge and

Welcome aboard to Gilligan, my new first mate.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.

Froggy came a courtin’

and we did rip…the Follow Your Arrow 2 that is. imageI was on next to last row of Clue 4 and did what I should have done on the first day…frogged. This pattern is highly textured and needs a solid or semi-solid yarn. I was using Wollmeise Pure in No Whale Watching in CO which is variegated so the beautiful textures were lost in the yarn. The yarn needed to be something else “showy” so that it’s beautiful color can be seen. I’ve debated the combination since day 1 and stubbornly convinced myself that it would look okay. It did look okay but it should be beautiful. So once I’ve finished my sweater and my Through the Loops Mystery Socks, I’ll select a semi-solid yarn and give it another go. I suspect the Wollmeise will be a Martina Behm piece down the road.

I did cast on Mint Julep this week as a just sleep(k)nitting to go project. imageIt has a bit of cabling so will be in the zone for a couple of days. I’m using US size 8 needles and Classic Elite Majestic Tweed in Cherry Pie colorway.  I’ve had this yarn for several years. I don’t even remember what I originally planned to knit. I had trouble getting a gauge and fabric. I’ve swatched for several pieces and actually cast on and frogged one piece. The gauge is much better suited to Mint Julep. I’m concerned about yarn quantity so am making a smaller size than I’d planned but think it will be okay. I started with the sleeve which is the reverse of my normal order. Several of my knitting friends do this so that, if gauge isn’t right, one only has to frog a sleeve and not the back or body. Gauge is right and I’ve finished sleeve 1.

imageI’ve also made more Top This! Hats. These are a quick knit and I’ve made them for some children friends. This week I made soccer ball and owl hats.image these are just (k)nits for others and are basically worked on Sunday afternoon. I use US size 9 needles.

After having to set aside all other projects to finish my officially unofficial Desert Vista Dyeworks monthly sock club socks on time the last two months, I decided to cast them on the first day of the month so I can knit other things. I’m still using 2.25 mm needles and Zien in Three French Hens colorway.image I’m using Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I’ve finished the foot of sock 1 and will work the heel tomorrow. These are also just sleep(k)nits to go.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.

Sweater Mojo’s Back

In 2014 I knitted eight adult sweaters and was planning to knit at least one adult sweater per quarter during  2015. It’s now March 1 and the first sweater isn’t cast on. I picked pattern and yarn and am happy with my choices but think I was burned out on knitting on sweater knitting and my sweater knitting mojo seemed to be gone until last week. Last Sunday as I wrote my blog post I began to feel the urge to cast on Mint Julep and as the week progressed found myself wishing I didn’t have two projects hibernating. For this reason, I’ve decided to wait a couple of months before casting on the kids’ sweaters I’d planned. The kids won’t wear them till next fall so waiting a bit will be a good thing because kids grow.

I woke up Follow Your Arrow 2 which is a just (k)nits in the zone project. I’m using Wollmeise Pure in No Whale Watching in CO and US size 6 needles. I’m almost finished with clue 4 out of 5 and hope to finish this project this week. I’ll then decide whether to wake up TTL Mystery Sock KAL 2015. I’ve only finished the cuff of sock 1 so waiting until I’ve (k)nit Mint Julep won’t be a big deal. Sorry I didn’t take a picture of this piece because it’s raining here today.

Just sleep(k)nits to go has been a busy place this week. I just (k)nits bound off Two Turtle Dove socks in Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien on 2.25 mm needles. These had to be finished by 2/28 and they were. These were my second month “entry” in the officially unofficial DVD monthly sock club. March socks will again be fish lips kiss heel socks and I’ll use 2.25 mm needles and Three French Hens colorway. imageI plan to cast these on Monday. image

My just (k)nits for others were Top This Hats from kits from DMC using US size 9 needles. I finished another bunny hat, a unicorn hat and a kitty hat. I have cast on an owl hat.I’m enjoying knitting these and they’re mindless enough that I can knit them while I read from my e-reader. imageimage

I have kits for two owls, a soccer ball and a puppy and plan to knit them all for some special little folks.

If I cast on Mint Julep, I’ll use Classic Elite Majestic Tweed in Cherry Pie colorway. This yarn has been repurposed several times and swatched at least 3 times. Believe it or not, I’ll have to swatch again because I can’t remember what gauge I had or what needles. The yarn looks like worsted and Classic Elite calls it chunky but, when I’ve swatched have found it to be between aran and bulky. I think I will probably be able to get the required gauge using US size 8 needles. We will see. This will be a just (k)nits in the zone project.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


Just (k)nits snow day

Okay so it was a snow week not a snow day.I usually take pictures outside on Sunday afternoon but sometimes I’m almost finished with a project and don’t want to stop to take pictures. Last week it was the Football buttons and which I finished Monday afternoon and then it snowed–well, what we call snow here in NC–and then it was too cold to stand outside and take pictures.  So I declared a blog snow day which extended into a week

I put a couple of projects into hibernation. Just (k)nits in the zone projects, TTL Mystery Sock KAL 2015 and Follow Your Arrow 2 are both now asleep for a while. I’m finding that (k)nitting without my planner is leading to more unfinished objects in hibernation. That’s okay…I’m having fun.These will be awake next post and I can post pictures now.

The reason they’re sleeping is so I could cast on my Officially Unofficial Desert Vista Dyeworks Monthly Sock Club offering for February. Again I’ll be using Fish Lips Kiss Heel, 2.25 mm needles and Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien in Two Turtle Doves colorway. These are a just sleep(k)nits to go project. As you can see I’m working on sock 2 so should be able to finish by the 28th.image

I just (k)nits bound off the Football Buttons. I usually (k)nit the sleeves in the round with occasional lapses into flat knitting. This time I flat knit them but am not really happy with my seaming job so probably won’t try it again for a while. It’s (k)nit from Berroco Vintage DK and buttons are from Wildflower Button Studio (formerly Fastenation). imageI used US size 5 needles.

My just (k)nits for others projects right now are some animal hats that are kits from DMC called Top This! that are (or were) available at Gate City Yarns. They’re a quick knit and pattern and animal head are included. imageI am making quite a few of these for toddlers and small children. The pattern has two sizes (toddler and small adult/child). In my humble opinion, the toddler one is a bit small and would fit an infant better. It’s 15 inches. The larger size may be a bit large for a toddler but can be worn multiple years. imageOnce the socks (above) are finished, I’ll be casting on a couple of children’s sweaters using Lush…maybe. Since I won’t be able to finish them before spring, I may cast on something else and, for some reason, am not feeling the love for (k)nitting these right now. So stay tuned.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.

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Just (k)nits kind of week

Not much excitement at South Park (K)nits this week. It’s been a just (k)nits kind of week with no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits. I hesitate say that because next time I (k)nit I’ll have the stinking tinks or be checking out frogs.  I did some just (k)nitting new tricks, watched Lucy Neatby’s Craftsy class and worked on my practice piece using single color double knitting. The project was a phone cozy but I’m making a glasses case. A (k)nitting friend stated that double knitting was something best done when it’s quiet. It is definitely just (k)nits in the zone. I have to chant to make sure that I slip stitches. I’ve also had to alter my technique for bringing the yarn in front. My old technique leads me to purl the slipped stitch which is a no-no.

I just (k)nits bound off Piper’s Journey which is a just (k)nits for others for a breast cancer fighter. I used US size 5 needles and Classic Elite Cerro. I’ll be honest this was not my favorite yarn to work. I prefer tightly spun animal fiber yarns and this was predominantly cotton and loosely spun. I chose it because it was the right color and washable.image

I worked on both just (k)nits in the zone knit alongs this week. I finished clue 1 of TTL  Mystery Sock KAL 2015 on size 2.25 needles using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Echo colorway. Then I put this project back to sleep and worked clues 1B, 2A and most of 3B on Follow Your Arrow 2.  I’m using Wollmeise Pure in No Whale Watching in CO and using US size 6 needles. This colorway is variegated and probably not the best choice but too late now. This piece is textured which doesn’t always show up well with variegated yarns. I plan to (k)nit clue 4A.I originally thought I’d finish clues 1 and 2, then wake up the socks but decided that I’d work through clue 4 of shawl then let the shawl and socks hibernate till March 1 or later so I can work on my Officially Unofficial Desert Vista Dyeworks Monthly Sock Club socks for February. I’m not posting pictures of the shawl or TTL socks until the knit alongs are finished.

“Football” Buttons using Berroco Vintage DK and US size 5 needles. imageThis is one of my favorite baby patterns and usually I knit sleeves in the round but decided to try them flat to avoid having to use my US size 6 needles which are otherwise occupied. I’m using football buttons and the colorway is pretty close to Carolina Panthers blue. Baby momma and daddy are fans. This is a just sleep(k)nitting to go for others project. I hope to finish this by next post. As baby will arrive any day now.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


One Tric(k)nitter

This week I’ve been pretty much a one trick (k)nitter, I decided to participate in the Officially Unofficial Desert Vista Dyeworks Sock Club 2015. The requires are that I (k)nit a pair of socks from DVD yarn each month. I knew that January would be a stretch because I didn’t want to cast on socks until I’d finished Maple Grove cardigans. I realized last week that to finish the socks by January 31  I must be a very monogamous (k)nitter and just sleep(k)nit to go the socks. So TTL Mystery Sock KAL 2015 and Follow the Arrow 2 are hibernating. imageMy Officially Unofficial sock club plan is to (k)nit a pair of socks using the colorways in the 12 Stripes (Days) of Christmas series. So January was Partridge in a Pear Tree Socks using Fish Lips Kiss Heel and 2.25 mm needles.And they are just (k)nits bound off.

Also just (k)nits bound off is furboy nephew Yancy’simageSnood. Yancy’s is (k)nit from Malabrigo Rios in Lettuce colorway and on US size 8 needles. The picture shows both Yancy’s and Cooper’s snoods.

My just (k)nits for others, Piper’s Journey on US size 5 needles and using Classic Elite Cerro is almost finished.  I work on it on Sundays and imagewas doing quite a bit of tinking this afternoon so decided not to try working on it this evening. I also cast on Buttons Cardigan in Berroco Vintage DK using US size 5 needles. This will for a while be both just (k)nits for others and just sleep(k)nits to go.

Again, no just (k)nitting new tricks and my spinning wheel received no love this past week. I’m hoping that both will be back on line this week.

Both just (k)nitting in the zone projects will wake up this week. I plan to wake up the TTL Mystery Socks tomorrow and finish Clue 1. Then I’ll  finish clues 1 and 2 of Follow Your Arrow 2. I’ll alternate projects until I’m caught up or until projects are finished whichever comes first.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.

Arrow Following

I bought but have never knitted Ysolda Teague’s Follow Your Arrow 1 KAL. So when she published Follow Your Arrow 2 I decided to knit along using US size 6 needles and Wollmeise Pure in No Whale Following in CO. This piece is giving new meaning to just (k)nits in the zone. Wednesday I cast on, then frogged, then cast on, then frogged, then cast on and accidentally pulled stitches from needle and frogged, then repeated that process, then cast on and tinked. I think I probably frogged a couple of more times but you get the idea. Each clue has two options, A and B. My first thought was to select via random number generator…odd=A, even=B. That didn’t work well. Option selection was obviously made by trial-and -error method–a whole lot of trial and a whole lot of error. I settled on B which allowed you decide how to work M1R and M1L either by yarnover method or backwards loop method a la Elizabeth Zimmermann. I even used trial-and-error method for this…settling on backwards loop method. Normally I make 1 by picking up the bar between two stitches and twisting to left or right as instructed. This is easier to me but I’m doing as the pattern suggests because I learned on another piece that trying to change from what I believe is the British method to the southparknitter method will wreck the train. After a whole afternoon of (k)nitting in the zone, I had finished 7 rows the longest one about 30 stitches.

I was also just (k)nitting in the zone  TTL Mystery Sock KAL 2015 on 2.25 mm needles using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Echo colorway, Clue 2 was released on Wednesday while I was trying to finish clue 1 of Follow Your Arrow. I downloaded and prepared my pattern file but realized that to finish my just sleep(k)nits to go Partridge in a Pear Tree socks by January 31 both in the zone projects would need to hibernate.

Speaking of the Partridge in a Pear Tree socks using 2.25 mm needles and Fish Lips Kiss heel and Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien. I lack about 5 rows finishing up sock 1. Yes I was sleep(k)nitting and just couldn’t get it done. imageTo qualify for discounts and prizes in the Officially Unofficial Sock Club these have to be finished by 1/31/15. I’m hoping they will be but if not, I’ll have a pair of socks and will move on to Two Turtle Doves.

Also Monday and Tuesday I cast on and finished a snood for my great-nephew furboy, Cooper Witherspoon. I think the yarn was Berroco Vintage and I used US size 8 needles. I needed a worsted weight project that was pretty mindless and portable for a couple of days and that fit the bill. This was also a just sleep(k)nits to go project. I failed to photograph this but will be making one for Cooper’s brother, Yancy, and will include both in the picture.

Piper’s Journey is my just (k)nits for othersimage and I’m using Classic Elite Cerro and US size 5 needles. I’m about 2/3 finished with the applied edging and hope to finish this piece next Sunday.

As I suspected, just (k)nitting new tricks receive no love this week. I will be adding that to the mix again this week and will be spending some quality time with Sunny, my Ashford Traveller spinning wheel, this week. Sunny has been neglected since October. She and I are spinning some CVM Romeldale to (k)nit a sweater. My goal is to finish spinning the yarn in 2015.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.

Just (k)nits bound off 2015

Maple Grove 1
Maple Grove 2
Exploration Station
Cooper's Snood
Partridge in a pear tree FLK socks
Yancy's Snood
Football Buttons
Naomi's bunny hat
Zachary's monkey hat
Kelley's Journey
Leighanna's bunny hat
Dannie's unicorn hat
Amelia's kitty hat
Two Turtle Dove FLK socks
Kayleigh's Owl hat
Baylor's soccer ball hat
Reagan's puppy hat
Three French Hens FLK socks
Four Calling Birds
Sam the Flock Cancer Frog
Gavin's fish hat
Lullaby Rain

Just (k)nits for others

Granny's Favourite using US size 4 needles and Berroco Vintage DK.
Tony the beat-the-beast Iron Fish using US size 7 needles and Squishy Gnome in Iron Man

Just (k)nits in the zone

TTL Mystery Sock 2015 on 2.25 mm needles using Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Echo--may frog

Just sleep(k)nits to go

Five Golden Rings Socks on 2.25 mm needles using Desert Vista Zien and One Needle Mock Gusset Heel
Mint Julep on US size 8 needles using Classic Elite Majestic Tweed in Cherry Pie (hibernating for blocking)


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