My heart’s warmed, I’ll just (k)nit on

You all know that I do a bit of charity knitting, prayer shawls and critters and lately some hats. I do this to give someone else a hug and to make one feel loved. Sometimes I begin to feel burnt out and even discouraged about the ministry and wonder if anyone benefits from it other than me and if I’m just using it as an excuse to buy yarn. Usually when I start feeling burnt out, someone makes me realize that others do receive benefits from this ministry. Recently my heart was warmed and I was encouraged by three of those who’ve received by (k)nitted “hugs.” First the young lady who has breast cancer received her Piper’s Journey in a manner that blessed her but others as well. Second my friend’s grandson who has Hodgkins received Tony the beat-the-beast Iron Fish Hat, and reports say he work it to chemo. The third reminder came in the mail a note written by the recipient of the camo fish hat. Seeing that this child who just finished kindergarten wrote me a thank-you note and addressed it with no adult help warmed my heart. I don’t just (k)nit for others to receive any praise or thanks but every now and then it’s nice to have my heart warmed so I can just (k)nit on.

Speaking of just (k)nitting for others I just (k)nits bound off Granny’s Favourite on US size 4 needles in imageBerroco Vintage DK. This is a big sister, little sister project and the finished one is the little sister version. I had planned to knit big sister version next but have decided to wait until closer to sweater wearing time since big sister may grow and fitting will be easier.

Once the Granny’s Favourite was finished,  I cast on and just (k)nits bound off an owl hat as a gift. This is the kit that comes from DMC and calls for US size 9 needles so is a very quick knit. imageYesterday I cast on my next just (k)nits for others project which is Gramps using Berroco Vintage and US size 7 needles. I decided to live dangerously and skip knitting a swatch since size wasn’t critical on this one. To get the correct gauge I should have used US size 6 needles. I’m (k)nitting baby gift sweaters in size 2 or 24 months now so the babies will grow into them. Hopefully toddler sizes will be worn longer. Since I have 5 baby boy sweaters to make,I will be making at least 4 of these. I’m also thinking of making leggings to match some of them. That remains to be seen though.

I’m just sleep(k)nitting to go Six Geese a-Laying socks on 2.25 mm needles using Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien. I have finished sock 1.image

I have two–count them–two just (k)nits in the zone projects. Both are mystery knit-alongs. First is TTL Mystery Shawl KAL 2015 in Shalimar Breathless in Passionfruit and Crayfish on US size 7 needles. I’ve finished clue 3 and loving it so far. Clue 4 came this morning so I’ll start it today.

The other is Picnicknits Beachy KAL 2015 in Dirty Water Dyeworks Lillian in Lavender and Purple Potion on US size 6 needles. I debated quite a while on colors and which color to start with. My need for a purple wrap in the near future was the determining factor on color selection and I wanted the darker color near my neck so started with the lavender. I’ve finished clue 2 and will be honest I’m not overjoyed with this project. I had planned to review clue 3 when released and decide whether to continue or not . This is a triangle-shaped bottom-up design with two wide strips of different pattern stitches so far with not “border.” Now that I’ve thought about it the designer can and may add a border at the end. So I may (k)nit on.

I started this post on June 8 and have been editing it for two weeks.I think it’s time to post so

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.



1 Response to “My heart’s warmed, I’ll just (k)nit on”

  1. 1 Andrea @ This Knitted Life June 23, 2015 at 4:09 pm

    Your tiny sweater and owl hat are ADORABLE!

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