U-turn (k)nitting

I am just (k)nitting for others a Lush Cardigan in child’s size 2 to 4 using US sizes 4 and 6 needles and Berroco Vintage DK. The pattern calls for US size 3 and I used the size 4s accidentally. The pattern has an interesting construction with a yoke band that is knitted from the center back using provisional cast on. I use Judy’s magic cast on for provisional cast-on but don’t like the way it worked out on this piece so when I make another I’ll use an extra needle cable or crochet method.I mostly work on this piece on Sundays and yesterday was knitting along on the stockinette part of the body and felt a place in the fabric that didn’t feel right. Upon examination, I discovered that I’d made a u-turn about 1/3 of the way across a row. U-turn means I had a short row when I shouldn’t have had a short row. I’d stopped to take a break mid-row (something I rarely do)  and when I started again executed a u-turn and went the wrong way. Frog pond visit…yep! (I may have to set this project aside as I have a young friend with cancer and will be making a fish hat for him.)

I just (k)nits bound off Gavin’s fish hat in GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome Wabbit Season Duck Season and Another Crafty Girl Merino Worsted in Meep Meep BUT haven’t sewn on eyes so didn’t take a picture. Stay tuned.

Just sleep(k)nitting to go is Gold Ring Socks for the officially unofficial Desert Vista Dyeworks monthly sock club 2015. I’m using the One Needle Mock Gusset heel treatment (my version). I had a bit of trouble following the designer’s original pattern so am using it in combination with Josh Ryks’ version. I’m also using bar (kfb) increases instead of make 1 and German short rows instead of the short row treatment suggested by the designers.I have finished sock 1. Let me get on my soapbox here. Recently a knitting friend asked about German short rows. This knitter is an experienced knitter but wasn’t acquainted with German short rows. Someone had stated in her presence “German short rows are the only way to go.” NOT!!! Yes I prefer them but they are not the only way to go.  Knitting allows us to use our creativity in selecting which techniques to use. I don’t always use German short rows. Occasionally they don’t look right in a piece.  image

I’m also just (k)nitting in the zone again…well, trying to (k)nit in the zone. I’m knitting Lullaby Rain on US size 6 needles using Quince & Co Chickadee in Glacier colorway. I’ve just started the “lace” part and had some difficulties setting up row 1 so tinking there was. I’m on track now. Since Gilligan joined the crew, just (k)nitting in the zone may be more difficult, especially on rainy days when he can’t hang out in the fenced yard.

Hopefully this will be finished by May 31 as I’ve “signed on” (bought the pattern) for TTL Mystery Shawl KAL 2015. Yes, I know I haven’t finished the TTL Mystery  Sock KAL yet. If I finish Lullaby Rain earlier, maybe I can finish the socks. I will use Shalimar Breathless in Crayfish and Passionfruit and US size 7 needles for the shawl.

I’m hoping to stay away from the frogs and tinks the next week or so and for the rest of you…

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


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