Stockinette Snooze

Okay so it’s really the stockinette blues…I’ve been doing a lot of stockinette lately. Mint Julep had a few cables but mostly it’s rows and rows of stockinette. Of course, the officially unofficial socks are all stockinette and the hats and critters are stockinette also. Frankly, I’m about over it. One of my knit night friends and I have been wanting to cast on lace for some time. Right now the plan is to do just that once Mint Julep is finished.  I need to knit a half dozen toddler sweaters but I’m going to knit one lace piece before starting to work on them during the week.

I’ve tentatively decided that the lace piece will be Lullaby Rain using US size 6 needles and Quince and Co Chickadee in Glacier. This will be a just (k)nits in the zone project and I will cast on in the next couple of days. I’m still debating between this and another shawl but I’m feeling the love for Lullaby Rain right now.

I’m still just sleep(k)nitting to go Mint Julep on US size 8 needles using Classic Elite Majestic Tweed in Cherry Pie. Now tomorrow is Derby Day so I was hoping to finish it tomorrow. The pieces will be finished but I need to block so I can sew shoulder seams to pick up bands. That will not be happening. So this piece will sleep a bit before assembly and band knitting.

Since it’s May, I’ll be casting on a new pair of socks for the Officially Unofficial Desert Vista Dyeworks Monthly Sock Club. I’ll be using Zien and 2.25 mm needles and one-needle mock gusset heel treatment (I think). Colorway is Gold Rings. I’d planned to knit all of these with fish lips kiss heel but I’m a bit bored with it and needed to take a break. I still love it.

My just (kimage)nits for others is a dead fish hat for Gavin in GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome Wabbit Season Duck Season and Another Crafty Girl Merino Worsted Meep Meep. I’m using US size 6 needles.

I’ve just (k)nits bound off Four Calling Birds socks using 2.25 mm needles and Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien in Calling Birds and Fish Lips Kiss heel treatment. Also bound off is Sam the Super Frog using US size 5 needles and Malabrigo Rios Lettuceimage and Another Crafty Girl Merino Worsted Mr Bassman.

Now a word about the crew…Gilligan wants to help with the knitting. The yarn for the Four Calling Birds socks had a rough life. The first wind, my winder broke so I had to hand wind. The new winder came so I caked it. imageThen it became yarn barf from the Gilligan virus and had to be detangled and hand wound again. I make sure now that all yarns are kept in the project bags at all times. I’ve been using zipper bags but am now being reminded why I used drawstring ones for so long. Gilligan has settled in and is becoming the lap dog after a lot of “Gilligan No!” and “Off” and distraction with chew toys.image Izzy doesn’t like this and has picked several fights to try to reclaim her lap. She even tried to invade Gilligan’s crate in hopes of getting him off my lap. She has another think coming if she thinks he’s going to give up the recliner and my lap for a dog crate. Also, this gave me the idea that if Izzy keeps starting fights, I can put her in the crate and she can have time-out.image We’re all beginning to settle in.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.



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