Frogs and Dogs

Count your stitches…count them one by one…count your stitches see if they’re all there…count your stitches…count them one by one…count your many stitches and you won’t see frogs. Yes, I’ve had to frog my just sleep(k)nits to go project, Mint Julep, several times. Why? because I didn’t count my stitches. One would think that I’d learn. It’s been a long time since I reported any (k)nitting progress. Last (k)nitting related post I had finished one sleeve but now I’ve finished both sleeves and am about finished with the back. I’m using Classic Elite Majestic Tweed in Cherry Pie and US size 8 needles. I’m no longer going to post pictures of works-in-progress. Most of the time you really can’t tell much about the piece until it’s finished.

2015-03-30 18.32.29I just (k)nits bound off  the Three French Hens Socks in Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien on 2.25 mm needles using 66 stitches and Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I also cast on another pair of socks using Four Calling Birds colorway and have finished sock 1. This is a just sleep(k)nits to go project also.

Just (k)nits for others …I just (k)nits bound off Top This! Puppy hat 2015-03-14 10.14.08using a kit from DMC and US size 9 needles and BonBon16005_10205693410042234_1104063623595046383_n using GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome in Little Bunny Foo Foo colorway and Cascade 220 superwash and US size 5 needles. The designer, Susan Claudino, used a three-needle decrease on BonBon for attaching appendages that I really liked.

Then I cast on Sam the Super Frog in Malabrigo Rios Lettuce colorway and Another Crafty Girl Merino Mr Bassman. This is for my friend, Swanny, who is a very sick gentleman. So this one is a Sam the Flock Cancer Frog.

I think that’s all the just (k)nitting stuff. Next up…where have I been? 2015-03-26 15.54.10Again I have been incredibly busy for about six weeks now and am HOPING that my “life” schedule has returned to normal. In addition to my crazy busy schedule, Gilligan came on board March 25. So I’ve been training him or he’s been training me I’m not sure which. He’s very lively (read “wild”) but is beginning to settle some as I now have more time to work with him and he was gifted a Kong toy which entertains him during recliner dog time. 2015-04-07 15.41.12Once he’s trained, he’ll make a great first mate (Izzy’s says her vote’s still out on that one). Izzy doesn’t want to play and has let Gilligan know this in very plain cat language. Here are a couple of pictures of Gilligan and one with Izzy and Gilligan in background. This was first time we’d all been in recliner together.2015-04-16 19.01.59

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits!


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