Just (k)nits kind of week

Not much excitement at South Park (K)nits this week. It’s been a just (k)nits kind of week with no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits. I hesitate say that because next time I (k)nit I’ll have the stinking tinks or be checking out frogs.  I did some just (k)nitting new tricks, watched Lucy Neatby’s Craftsy class and worked on my practice piece using single color double knitting. The project was a phone cozy but I’m making a glasses case. A (k)nitting friend stated that double knitting was something best done when it’s quiet. It is definitely just (k)nits in the zone. I have to chant to make sure that I slip stitches. I’ve also had to alter my technique for bringing the yarn in front. My old technique leads me to purl the slipped stitch which is a no-no.

I just (k)nits bound off Piper’s Journey which is a just (k)nits for others for a breast cancer fighter. I used US size 5 needles and Classic Elite Cerro. I’ll be honest this was not my favorite yarn to work. I prefer tightly spun animal fiber yarns and this was predominantly cotton and loosely spun. I chose it because it was the right color and washable.image

I worked on both just (k)nits in the zone knit alongs this week. I finished clue 1 of TTL  Mystery Sock KAL 2015 on size 2.25 needles using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Echo colorway. Then I put this project back to sleep and worked clues 1B, 2A and most of 3B on Follow Your Arrow 2.  I’m using Wollmeise Pure in No Whale Watching in CO and using US size 6 needles. This colorway is variegated and probably not the best choice but too late now. This piece is textured which doesn’t always show up well with variegated yarns. I plan to (k)nit clue 4A.I originally thought I’d finish clues 1 and 2, then wake up the socks but decided that I’d work through clue 4 of shawl then let the shawl and socks hibernate till March 1 or later so I can work on my Officially Unofficial Desert Vista Dyeworks Monthly Sock Club socks for February. I’m not posting pictures of the shawl or TTL socks until the knit alongs are finished.

“Football” Buttons using Berroco Vintage DK and US size 5 needles. imageThis is one of my favorite baby patterns and usually I knit sleeves in the round but decided to try them flat to avoid having to use my US size 6 needles which are otherwise occupied. I’m using football buttons and the colorway is pretty close to Carolina Panthers blue. Baby momma and daddy are fans. This is a just sleep(k)nitting to go for others project. I hope to finish this by next post. As baby will arrive any day now.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.



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