Unplanned (k)nitting = cast on all the things NOT!

I’m struggling with the unplanned (k)nitting. Now that I’m not planning I want to cast on all the things. I’ve always considered myself a combination process/product (k)nitter–one look at all the kitted projects (technically UFOs) in my stash  will confirm that I’m probably just a very controlled process (k)nitter. To a certain degree, the planner was the control because setting deadlines caused meltdowns when I multi-task (k)nitted. Since another of my 2015 goals is to (k)nit all the projects in one tote, I did allow myself to make a list of these. Hopefully that will prevent my casting on all the things.

It’s the first month of 2015 and I have my first just (k)nits bound off. 2015-01-18 17.27.42The two Maple Grove sweaters are just (k)nits bound off with grafts made and ends woven. The yarn for these is Mrs Crosby‘s Steamer Trunk in Monkey Orchid and needles were US size 5 and 6. I’m just okay with this project and probably won’t use the yarn or the pattern again. The yarn didn’t have that nice soft hand that I like for baby things. It may soften up when it’s washed. I’m still a block away on these but I consider pieces finished when they’re off the needles.

Also Exploration Station is a block away from being just (k)nits bound off.2015-01-18 17.15.02 The yarn is Dream in Color Everlasting Sock in Elysian, Tart, Damp Pillow and Deep Regret colorways on US size 5 needles. I love this piece and hopefully will be able to block it soon.

I cast on my first day of Christmas socks using 2.25 mm needles and Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien in Partridge in a Pear Tree colorway. This is my first entry in The Officially Unofficial Desert Vista Dyeworks Monthly Sock Club. I’m going to use Fish Lips Kiss heel treatment and hope to make a pair of socks each month from one of the twelves stripes of Christmas colorways. This is my just sleep(k)nits to go project.2015-01-18 17.12.25

I also cast on TTL Mystery Sock 2015. I’m using US size 1 needles and Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Echo colorway. I’ve finished clue 1 on sock 1 and will finish sock 2 this week. I will also be casting on Follow your Arrow 2 using Wollmeise Pure in No Whale Watching in CO colorway and US size 6 needles. Both of these will be just (k)nits in the zone projects. One of them may have to hibernate but I’ll see how it goes. I will not post pictures until knitalongs are finished.

Just (k)nitting new tricks didn’t happen this week. Life got in the way on Tuesday with errands and appointments. I’d planned to just (k)nit new tricks on Friday instead but wanted to finish Exploration Station so I could cast on TTL Mystery Sock 2015 and Ysolda Teague’s Follow your Arrow 2. So I guess the (k)nits got in the way also. Life will also get in the way this coming Tuesday as I again have appointments and errands. Hopefully my schedule will settle a bit after that.

Just (k)nits for others is Piper’s Journey on US size 5 needles and using Classic Elite Cerro. I have finished the garter ridge part and am starting the applied border. This is for a breast cancer fighter.2015-01-18 21.38.00

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.



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