It’s all about fun…right??

One day this week I found myself spending more time than necessary trying to schedule 5 or 6 (k)nitting projects 3 or 4 months in the future. I have a planning app on my Apple devices that I use specifically for planning (k)nitting projects and recently went postal because it doesn’t sync between devices any more.So I’m sitting there stressing trying to figure out how I’m going schedule all the (k)nits. Suddenly I realized what I was doing…making (k)nitting a job. So I put away my device and reflected on all this scheduling. I’ve done it for several years now. In 2014, I scheduled sweaters over the whole year and that’s okay as long as I’m not stressing over it and the (k)nitting is still fun. I’ve been very intentional in the last few years about eliminating stressors in my life and now discover that I’ve created one.  So I’m adding to my (k)nitting goals for 2015, no plan (k)nitting. I will no longer schedule completion dates for more than current projects. I’ll still set my little daily and completion goals. I’ll wean myself off the planning app (I hope) in favor of reminders. I have a couple of knitting friends who, by now, are reaching for their devices to ask if I’m okay and yes, I’m okay. I may need your love and support through the withdrawal process. It’s all about fun…right??

Another addition to knitting goals 2015 is to (k)nit a pair of socks every month using the 12 Stripes of Christmas colorways which I’m “collecting” from Desert Vista Dyeworks. I’d been considering doing this and then DVD announced The Officially Unofficial DVD Sock Club complete with discounts and free yarn so, yes, I jumped on that wagon and sometime soon will cast on using Partridge in a Pear Tree to make OMG heel plain vanilla socks.2015-01-01 23.11.51 I may not make this goal but I think it’ll be fun especially wearing the socks on the 12 days 2015 and it’s all about the fun…right???

Speaking of fun, my just (k)nits in the zone, Exploration Station on US size 5 needles using Dream in Color Everlasting Sock has been fun but a challenge2015-01-05 15.04.31. I dropped two stitches side by side in the brioche section before Christmas and couldn’t figure out how to fix them without a twist so I frogged and put it away. I finished the brioche stitch and started on Sassy Stripes, I had some difficulty with k1p1 rows using Elysian which is a dark color so this section has some design elements that are strictly mine. Also I had to tink a couple of times. I’m now in the “Nothing but Knit” section and hoping that I remember to make increases where needed. I have to admit that, while I didn’t really want to (k)nitalong, I am pleased with this piece and can’t wait to finish and wear it.

My just sleep(k)nits to go are two Maple Grove cardigans on US size 5 and 6 needles in Mrs Crosby Steamer Trunk Monkey Orchid colorway. I like the pattern but, if I knit these again, I’ll use a lighter weight yarn.2015-01-05 15.07.51 The pattern calls for aran weight at 5 stitches and 7 rows per inch. The fabric is a bit dense for toddler wear in my humble opinion. I’ve bound off the first one but still have grafting and end weaving to do. 2015-01-05 15.06.09I cast on sweater two before finishing this because I needed a to-go project.

My just (k)nits for others is Piper’s Journey on US size 5 needles using Classic Elite Cerro. I’m (k)nitting for a cancer fighter who’s daughter-in-law of a friend. 2015-01-05 15.09.41The yarn is not one I’d normally choose to use but needed washable and the color was suggested. I’m only working on this on Sundays.Stash was determined to photo bomb and I thought I’d cropped him out but apparently not.

I’m hoping that future posts will be on Sunday evenings provided I have good photography weather.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.




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