No pretty boys…

imagea galaxy superhero instead. My next just (k)nits in the zone was supposed to be Nefertem which I picked for the Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien in the George (as in Strait) colorway that I won. In the queue/stash reorganization, I found a skein of Knitosophy in Super Hero that I decided would be a better choice for that shawl and George will become a Trillian. So while planning the Nefertem I noticed the pattern has a Fiddly (yeah with a capital F) make 9 for 3 which I just am not feeling to love for knitting right now. So I decided to knit Magrathea which is one of Martina Behm’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy pieces. I’m working this on 3.0 mm needles.

imageMy at-home just sleep(k)nits to go project is South Park Luv4Muv on US size 7 needles using Quince & Co Lark. I’m working on the cable and rib section of the body. As you can see from the picture I was almost finished with the cable and rib but, honestly, this just didn’t look like I’d hoped so I’ve frogged and will add a couple of inches of stockinette and a couple of inches of cable and rib.

imageSince I’ve traditionally (k)nit Halloween socks when I travel to SAFF and have already just (k)nits bound off my Halloween Socks NOT, I decided to cast on Christmas socks to be my new just sleep(k)nits to go project. This will be my work-in-public project with hopes of finishing them by Christmas. I’m using Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso in Zombody’s been kissing Santa colorway and Megan Williams’ one needle mock gusset heel treatment. No picture because I’ve only worked the toe.

I’ve just (k)nits bound off Abby’s Leftover Mitts in Malabrigo Silky Merino Teal Feather colorway and US size 4 needles. I used Kirsten’s Fingerless Mitt recipe for these. I also just (k)nits bound off Patch using US size 5 needles and Cascade 220 and GnomeAcres in Witches Brew. My next just (k)nits for others will be Leftover Turkey using scraps.image

Also just (k)nits bound off are the Mystik Spiral socks. I thought they were bound off last post so didn’t photograph. I’ll take a photo and add them to next post. OOPS!

While at SAFF, I bought a set of Signature Needles convertibles. I’ve resisted these needles even though they’ve been reviewed far and wide as being the best because I “heard” the cables were only guaranteed for six months. THIS IS NOT CORRECT. These needles come with a lifetime guarantee.While I really like some things about these needles, I’m not feeling the love for these needles right now and want to knit a whole project with them before I give a full “review.” I am persnickety about joins and how well the stitches slide up on the needle tip. I tried them when I got home on a project I was working and quickly switched back to my Chiao Goos which are my weapons of choice for the time being. In fairness to the Signatures, I noticed last night that I was having to use almost brute force to get stitches onto the tip of my Chiao Goos so it may be a project thing. I plan to knit a couple of baby sweaters soon and will use the Signatures for these. I’ll keep you posted.

Next post will be Thursday, November 6 so…

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.



1 Response to “No pretty boys…”

  1. 1 Mary Hess October 28, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    Ooooooh……my very favorite blue colors!! What is wrong with cable bottom on sweater?love the pumpkin!


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