Mystik Magik

imageI love my just (k)nits in the zone project, Mystik Spiral socks designed by Josh Ryks. What I didn’t love was working the short row part of the design with two circulars which is my method of preference when (k)nitting socks. Seems like I was slipping stitches back and forth on the needles too much. As I started the short rows on sock 2, I began to use the tips of both needles to work short rows and realized that the designer probably used the Magic Loop method. He actually suggests double points (NOT) or Magic Loop in the pattern. I use Magic Loop frequently for other projects like sweater sleeves and critters so didn’t really have a problem switching to that method (except I don’t have a 40-inch 2.25 mm Chiao Goo so have to use another needle brand). Magic Loop makes working the short rows easier so will continue to use this method. When I knit another pair, I’ll start out “looping.” I’m using Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso in Dia de los Muertos and love love love these socks.

I have a just (k)nits for others. I cast on Patch using scraps of GnomeAcres Witches Brew and Cascade 220. I tried to do this as a (k)nits to go but that was a fail. I need to have this finished by October 20 to get it in the mail for Halloween surprise. So something may have to hibernate a day or two.image

imageI’m working the body of South Park Luv4Muv which is my one of my just sleep(k)nits to go projects in Quince & Co Lark using US size 7 needles. This is a sweater that I’m improvising using the cable and rib cuffs from Mr Greenjeans. I love the use of this pattern for sleeve cuffs but don’t like the longer cable and rib torso section. I always felt that this secton “f ramed” my big belly. So instead of v-neck, I’m making a crew neck with 4-inch “hem” cuff  and sleeve cuffs. I’ve worked about 5.5 inches of body.image

My other just sleep(k)nits to go project is a pair of “leftover” mitts using Kirsten’s Fingerless Mitts Recipe, some leftover Malabrigo Silky Merino and US size 4 needlles. These are for a co-worker but I have enough to make a pair for me because I love the way they feel.This project is really the “to-go” project. I’m feeling the love for mitts right now so will continue to (k)nit them in public till I decide to go back to socks. This is a break from my tradition of (k)nitting socks while at SAFF.

Speaking of SAFF next week’s post will probably be on Saturday…maybe.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


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