Halloween Socks NOT!

The last several years just (k)nitting a pair of Halloween socks has become a tradition. I usually finish them while we’re at SAFF the last of October.So I had decided to use one of Desert Vista Dyeworks Zombody colorways–to be specific Zombody’s been eating the candy corn–and just (k)nit for fun Mystik Spiral Socks. I was cruising around on Ravelry looking at other folks’ projects using DVD’s yarns and saw that some had used Dia de los muertos. I loved the combination and, since I have that colorway, decided that I would knit Day of the Dead socks which I’m calling Halloween Socks NOT on my Ravelry project page. These will be afternoon knitting because Josh Ryks, the designer, used short rows and I usually can’t sleep(k)nit those. I used the suggested technique for the first set of short rows but think I’ll use German short rows for the next set of short rows. I find them less tedious. I’m using 2.25 mm needles.image

Calycanthus are now just (k)nits bound off. I used Willy Wonka Electra Sock in Tarnished colorway and US size 3 needles. I’m okay with the finished piece but don’t really like the knitted fabric. Gansey Wristers would have been a better pattern choice for this yarn which is doesn’t have much body and is pretty elastic. If I make them again, I’ll use a tightly spun wool. I also found the bottom edging and the picot bind off extra fiddly–next time no picot. I also did what I thought the pattern would say instead of what it did say on the gusset so I have the southparknitter version of the mitts.image

Not quite to Tennessee socks are also just (k)nits bound off. I used Desert Vista Dyeworks in The Guitars of SSK colorway and US size 0 needles.Either my gauge has tightened or my feet have gained weight because US size 0 needles are now resulting in too much negative ease. I added a few stitches this time but will use US size 1 (2.25 mm) needles on future socks.Evidence indicates that my gauge has not tightened so I guess I’ll have to admit that my feet have become fluffier along with the rest of my body. I used afterthought heels and still like sweet tomato or fish lips kiss heels better.image

Speaking of gauge, South Park Luv4Muv has already been to the frog pond. I cast on Tuesday and rechecked my gauge. I swatched at 5 stitches per inch but actually was getting 4.5 stitches per inch. This falls between the gauges of Ann Budd’s calculations so I’m using my own. I “backed into” cast on stitches using a combination of several different sources. I’m using Quince and Co Lark in Chanterelle colorway and US size 7 needles.Since this is predominantly stockinette stitch this, I can sleep(k)nit it.image

This means that my just (k)nits to go for the next few weeks will be fingerless mitts and mittens. I’m making leftover mitts for myself using Dream in Color Everlasting DK in Amethyst colorway. I still have one thumb to knit but need to check row count on the top of the last mitt because it appears to be longer. I used a counter but it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve counted wrong.image I’m using Kirsten Kapur’s Fingerless Mitts recipe and US size 5 needles.I’ll probably finish this pair and just (k)nits cast on a pair in Malabrigo Silky Merino.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


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