Oh, the places you’ll go

Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting

so get on your way!

(Dr Seuss)

My mountain is the stash (aka queue) and it’s made of yarn. About once a year I reorganize it and repurpose yarns when necessary. This year I’ve kept it pretty organized but decided to catalog it. The main reason for visiting the mountain right now  was WendyKnits‘ blog post about Strandwanderer that I now think I need to knit and need to knit it in Wollmeise Suzanne. I have a skein of this yarn which I’d designated to knit Trillian but after seeing pictures of Suzanne as Strandwanderer decided to repurpose. I have other yarn with which to knit Trillian. Also my knitting friend, Diane, has just finished a Trillian so I felt it needed to be located and moved closer to top of the queue. I’d already cataloged some of the queue but am working on cataloging all the things and making a spreadsheet. The cataloging is finished and will be computerized soon. One thing that I saw was that I’d bought two sweater lots of the same colorway (purple) and yarn. The biggest  thing I need to do is quit adding to the queue. PERIOD EXCLAMATION POINT. Notice I said queue not stash but I do not need any more sweater quantities! The stash and the queue are morbidly SABLE.

My just sleep(k)nits to go project which I call leftover mitts is  Kirsten Kapur’s Fingerless Mitts Recipe using US size 4 needles and Dream in Color Everlasting DK in Amethyst. I have several balls of DK weight yarn leftover from various projects so that’s why they’re leftover mitts. This pair is for me and once just (k)nits bound off I plan to knit a pair for a co-worker. I did reduce to 48 stitches and 15 gusset stitches.2014-09-25 18.04.10

I must be in mitts mode because my new just (k)nits for fun is Calycanthus on US size 3 needles using Wooly Wonka Electra Sock in Tarnished colorway. In September 2013 I cast on a pair of socks with this yarn for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to work on these so they hibernated through the fall and the winter and the spring and the summer. I actually cast them on twice. While working on the mitts today, I decided that, personally, I just don’t like the wool/tencel blend for socks. I do find it okay for mitts. One caution about the mitts pattern…the bottom edge is fiddly with a capital “F” so, if you don’t like fiddly, don’t go there. Also, I had to frog my first attempt and drop down to a smaller size. I don’t usually swatch small projects which means I have to frog them sometimes.2014-09-25 18.02.12

Collister on US size 7 needles using Creatively Dyed Luxury yarn in colorway I-lost-the-ball-band is just (k)nits bound off and will either be donated to a charity auction or worn around southparknitter’s neck. I’m finding cowls to be a very quick knit and, even though I don’t wear them, they are nice for gifts. And, yes, I must be in Through the Loops designs mode. Kirsten Kapur is one of several designers whose designs I enjoy knitting. Her patterns are clearly written and easy to follow and I like her designs.2014-09-25 18.03.02

Not quite to Tennessee socks on US 0 needles in Desert Vista Dyeworks The Guitars of SSK are not quite finished but I’m hoping to finish them this weekend. I have about 30 rows of leg/cuff and the heels. If I don’t sleep(k)nit I should make it.2014-09-25 18.04.55

Tuesday is just (k)nits  cast on day for my new design sweater and I plan a special post the sweater’s namesake.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


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