#mcm on #tbt

The last couple of weeks I’ve had a couple of nights that I couldn’t go to sleep at the regular time. And to be quite honest the absence of the sandman had nothing to do with this. I was planning just (k)nits casting on. The first night i had swatched for a new design sweater and started writing up the pattern right before bedtime. I got in bed only to lie awake and do pattern calculations in my head.The second (k)nitting related time resulted in repurposing some yarns that are lined up to just (k)nits cast on in the near future. I’d planned a just (k)nits for others and a just (k)nits for fun using Die Erste. I had pulled the yarn from stash earlier in the week and looked at the pattern but decided on a late night 45 minute drive from Rising Meadow Farm that that I really just didn’t like the pattern right now.Let me say here that, aside from my not feeling love for it, this pattern has no issues. It appears to be well-written and nicely designed. I decided to make another Zuzu’s Petals for the charity knit, The other yarn was the Desert Vista DyeWorks Zien in the George colorway that I won by inspiring the colorway which is named for George Strait. It’s blues and browns and sparkly (George makes me sparkle) and I wanted a special pattern so after much searching I’ve decided that I’ll just (k)nits for fun Nefertem. I think this appropriate because Nefertem is referred to as a beautiful young man and so is George and yeah I might be having #mcm on #tbt(man crush Monday on throwback Thursday)

Despite having difficulty sleeping at night and having longer sleep(k)nitting sessions (aka naps in the afternoons. I did just (k)nits bind off  February Lady Sweater in Cascade 220 on US size 4 needles. I love this sweater. My first one has been well loved and will become my hanging around the house sweater.  I still need to block it but ends are woven and buttons from Fastenation Studio sewn on.image

My new just (k)nits for fun project is WendyKnits Summer Mystery Shawl 2014. I’m using US size 7 needles and Tempted Yarns Dream Grrl in Buttons and Bows colorway. This was a club offering and the pattern was a hat which I don’t wear often. I love the pattern and it should be a fairly quick knit and may possible be finished by next post.(Yeah, I just made a reservation for a trip to the frog pond with that statement.) image

My just (k)nits for others project is also my sleep(k)nitting to go project. The Not Quite to Tennessee socks in Desert Vista Dyeworks The Guitars of SSK on US size 0 needles are afterthought heel socks. image

Last post I’d planned to just (k)nits cast on Patch as a gift to be worked on Sunday afternoons. I decided to wait a week and cast on Patch this week so I could finish the sweater. I’m also hoping to cast on Zuzu’s Petals next week.

A couple of administrative things…I’ve deleted pictures from my media library for posts prior to July of 2012 and accidentally March 2013. So if you’re looking at archived posts they may look stranger than normal. Also, my laptop is connecting to my network again…I’m not sure what the issue was but I’m able to post from home so will probably be posting on Thursday or Friday evenings.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


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