A long long time ago

I haven’t posted in a long long time. My holiday’s been over for more than a week. I’d planned to post last week but re-entry wasn’t as smooth as I’d planned and I spent a lot of time catching up. Usually when I go away I get caught up before I go but this was a surprise trip so that didn’t happen.Also I wanted to finish the backpack buddies and the sweater body before posting.

The backpack buddies are now just (k)nits bound off. Here’s a group picture of them and they were all knit on US size 5 needles in various scraps of worsted weight yarns. 2014-08-03 18.26.51After I’d been home for several days I found a secret just (k)nits for others sleeping in my work-in-public knitting bag. So it is also just (k)nits bound off.I’m a bit burnt out on animal (k)nitting and even though I need to make an Undersized Unicorn for a gift. I decided to just (k)nits cast on a gift for my holiday hostess which will be either a Gothic Lace Cowl or a Zuzu’s Petals. I bought enough Cascade Tangier to make both. I’ll just (k)nit both and let my hostess choose which she prefers and then I’ll keep the other. Both were in the queue.

I also wanted to finish the body of my just (k)nits for fun, Shaken or Stirred, which was my car knitting on the four-plus hour road trip. I also worked on this while in the hotel room. I still have to bind off and the photo is a view of the sweater back. My hope is to finish this in the next week. This is in Quince & Co Chickadee in Frost (main color), Delft and Crocus (stripes). I’m using US size 3 needles. I’m a bit concerned about the armhole depth and will breathe a sigh of relief when the body is bound off and I can try it on “properly.” 2014-08-04 08.55.52I modified the striping sequence and did my own thing. I do plan to make another of these.

Yes, I do have a pair of socks on the needles and, yes, I could have worked on those. But, the Sidewalk socks are slip-stitch heel with gusset socks so, not knowing how much knitting time would be available and not wanting to possibly have to work a heel turn in public, I decided to cast on another pair of 2014-08-03 18.30.46afterthought heel socks using Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso in The Guitars of SSK. I’m calling these the Not Quite to Tennessee socks and am using US size 0 needles and 68 stitches.The reason for the project name is that I was a bit blue because I missed seeing all my SSK friends who were in Nashville the weekend before my holiday which was about 20 miles from the TN-NC border.  I worked on these in public areas of the hotel and, due to a broken needle, had to stop until I got home. They’ve been transferred to another needle and are now hibernating until I finish the Sidewalk socks which are getting some love now.Speaking of the Sidewalk socks I’ve finished sock 1. I’m using US size 0 needles and Gale’s Art Wonder Sock in Graffiti and Asphalt.2014-08-03 18.30.02

My next just (k)nits cast on sweater will be my second February Lady Sweater in Cascade 220. I’m rethinking Mr Greenjeans which I was also planning to knit. Right now I’m pretty sure the yarn for this will be a bottom-up crew-neck raglan sleeve version of Mr Greenjeans which will be called South Park Jeans. Certainly you’ll be reading more about that in a couple of months.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.



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