None of the above

Last post I briefly wrote about what sweater I’d just (k)nits cast on. By the end of the posting process, I’d pretty much decided that Bryony was out due to its open front and also sizing. The pattern isn’t clear about how to take the cross back at underarms measurement. I don’t want to spend 6 weeks knitting a project only to have it be the wrong size. Also I was considering Lush which was the project the yarn was purchased to make. I had some concerns here as the pattern states it is designed to wear with zero or negative ease and that doesn’t work for me and have found that adding ease to zero ease patterns often doesn’t work (I’ve frogged a couple of those).Then I came up with the idea of using the calculations from The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee and the pine cone motif from Pomme de Pin by Amy Christoffers to design my own. Yes I could (k)nit Pomme de Pin but it has several features for which I’m not feeling the love right now.   The yarn is again Quince & Co Chickadee so I looked at my library to see what patterns I had that I could use. All of which I found lacking for some reason or another.So what sweater will I just (k)nits cast on? None of the above.I’ll be using the calculations and guidelines from the book and a stitch motif from my one of my Harmony guides. Right now I’m considering 3 motifs–Whelk Stitch, Butterfly Lace and Tulip Lace. I’ll be knitting a sample swatch of all 3 to determine which I’ll use.

I’m leaning toward Butterfly Lace because it “fits” with my project name which is South Park Breezy because the colorway reminds me of ocean breezes.While typing the instructions, I realized that Tulip Lace is the only one with a “resting” wrong side row which makes it a very likely candidate. Hey,I can change the name. How about South Park on Tiptoe? Once I’ve decided on a stitch I’ll be knitting an eight-inch swatch using Chickadee leftovers from Grenadine. Yes I’m aware that gauge between yarn lots varies sometimes and will bear that in mind. I’m not sure if I’ll have enough of the Belize colorway so don’t want to use up what I have swatching. Also considered using Barbara Walker’s calculations for top-down cardigan but decided to use those for lace weight sweater I have in the plans. I think juggling a motif and designing with different construction might give me problems.

My just (k)nits for fun Jailbait sweater will be just (k)nits bound off on Satuday. I would like to participate in the Knitgirllls Stash Dash  2014 and can count the yardage for the sweater if I wait until Saturday. As you can see by the pictures I’m working bands. I’ve tried it on and it works much better as a raglan jacket.The yarn is Berroco Linsey and I used US size 4 ans size 2 needles. I’m planning to use one large button at the neck. I will probably bind off Saturday morning and block it along with the Grenadine–if it’s not raining.2014-05-21 08.03.42

The just (k)nits for fun Sidewalk Socks slept most of the week. I’m not even posting a picture. I worked on them a bit at knit night.

I finished another just (k)nits for others backpack buddy. I got a bit overwhelmed by this charity project this week and have decided to work on patterned pieces in the afternoons and backpack buddies at night. This means that my Sunday focus won’t be just (k)nits for others for a while and maybe this will eliminate trips to frog pond on “involved”  projects as I seem to may more mistakes after 8 pm. In addition to the lacy sweater I’ll be just (k)nits casting on TTL Mystery Shawl KAL 2014 on June 1.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


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