In time out

Usually when I hang out at Gate City Yarns on Saturday, I take a project that is pretty mindless that won’t suffer from the interruptions and busy-ness that sometimes happen. The last few months I’ve been working on various critters because they’re small and not too complicated and made from yarns purchased at the shop. So Saturday I took along a just (k)nits for others  backpack buddy in Cascade 220 on US size 5 needles. Normally that wouldn’t be problematic but, for some reason Saturday, I spent so much time at the frog pond that I had to wonder if, subconsciously. I wanted to be outdoors somewhere–I’m not an outdoors kind of gal so I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the case. Twice I tinked because I knit with my cast on tail. I was knitting both legs at once and used the yarn from leg 1 to knit across leg 2…another tink. Then I finished the legs and started the body, knitted about 3 rows and realized I’d failed to cast on stitches for the back part of the body…frog. I started body decreases and realized that I’d cast on the wrong number of stitches. The fix for this was one less decrease.After several rows of working the head, I discovered I’d missed an increase row…frog. Then I’m almost finished with head and placing markers for eyes when I realize my stitch count is off…that rascal went in time out! Once home I frogged and got the stitches back on the needles but still visited the frogs once more because I’d restarted on the wrong row. It’s now just (k)nits bound off.  I’ll post a group picture of these later.2014-04-30 08.28.14

The Russian Socks are also just (k)nits bound off. These were my Winter Games knitting project so have been on the needles since February. They have a fish lips kiss heel and were knit on US size 0 needles using Fireweed Dyeworks Russian Fairytale. I am very pleased with how they turned out.

My weekday just (k)nits for fun project, Grenadine, now has  one sleeve. I finished the body and cast on the sleeves using US size 5 needles to knit the “cuff” then increased 6 stitches to allow more fullness in the lower arm and changed to US size 6 needles. This made the sleeve large enough to accommodate wearing a shirt under the sweater. You’ll remember that I knit one sleeve and decided it was too small. The yarn for this project is Quince & Co Chickadee in Pomegranate colorway.2014-04-29 17.37.58

I’d planned to cast on Frances the sock wearing fox for my just (k)nits for fun weekend project but, after knitting all the library critters, decided I needed a palate cleanser and to cast on plain vanilla socks instead. I caked some self-striping yarn but several folks had posted pictures of socks from Gale’s Art Wonder Sock in Graffiti and Asphalt. This colorway is stunning and the picture here is no where close (rainy day). I also wanted to knit socks with gusset and slip stitch heel so I caked my Graffiti and Asphalt and cast on using my US size 0 needles. I use Wendy D Johnson’s generic pattern using 66 stitches.2014-04-29 17.37.26

My just (k)nits for others for next weekend will be the last Maggie the mama owl in Malabrigo Rios Jupiter and Lavanda colorways. Then my focus will be backpack buddies. I project that I’ll need 30 of these. I may make some kitty beans as well. The Basic Uni-body knits up fairly quickly if I don’t have to frog it 4 or 5 times so I’m hoping for one and a half or two every weekend.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


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