Last gasp

at last!!! I’ve tried not to complain about winter too much because all of us have had a severe winter. Here in North Carolina she gasped her last (I hope) Sunday morning. I checked the temperature before getting dressed and determined that long-sleeves would be appropriate and no jacket necessary. When I trotted out my front door two hours later, I realized I was wrong. It was snowing. Of course, I’m running late so have time to return to the house for a jacket. Fortunately that part of my shawl collection that doesn’t live in a drawer rides around in my car so I threw one around me and journeyed on. Now enough about knitwear and winter and on to (k)nits and spring.2014-03-29 17.04.52

Just (k)nits bound off this weekend were Bantam Bunny in GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome in Little Bunny Foo Foo, Lil Love Slug2014-03-31 08.04.58 in GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome in Wabbit Season Duck Season and Basic Uni-Body in Cascade 220. All made on US size 5 needles with eyes and noses from 6060eyes. I think arms and legs could be added to Lil Love Slug to make a frog and I may try that sometime. I have six more critters to knit for the library display and then I’ll finish my Russian socks. I’ve been working the critters on Friday and Saturday because I had a deadline but once they’re done. I’ll work small pieces on Saturdays only and just (k)nits for others on Sunday. The Basic Uni-body was this week’s just (k)nits for others. Next week I’ll make another Maggie the Mama Owl.


My still in progress just (k)nits for fun is my Grenadine sweater.2014-03-31 08.04.49 The pattern is Bailey’s Irish Cream using Quince & Co Chickadee in Pomegranate colorway. When I swatched this piece, I determined that I should use US size 5 needles for the sleeves and US 4 needles for the body. After knitting most of sleeve 1, I now think I’ll use US size 5 needles for the body and US 6 needles for the sleeves. Sleeve 1 is tighter than I like my sleevesI plan to knit the sweater body next and then will knit sleeve 2 and possibly sleeve 1 again.2014-03-31 08.05.53 Also, I’ll be modifying the sweater a bit. I’m no fan of  folded hems. So I’ll be working a lace pattern repeat as the hem on the sweater. I like the look of this on the sleeves. I also will not have a faux seam (don’t like these either) or waist shaping (don’t need this) .

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.

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