Kitty snips and needle tips

I have some cute little snips that Hiya Hiya makes that look like a kitty but the kitty snips I’m referring to here are called Stash and Izzy and usually they’re making unnecessary snips. I’ll be knitting away and suddenly I hit a patch of sopping wet yarn…wet with cat saliva because one of cats–mostly Stash–has made a snip. These snips aren’t problematic unless I’m knitting with self-striping yarn. I’m not OCD about my stripes matching perfectly because that ain’t happening. I do however like the feet of both socks to look pr2014-02-21 08.12.50etty much the same. So when Stash snipped the yarn on my just (k)nits for fun Russian sock 2 while I was working the toe, I started over. So I won’t finish these socks by Closing Ceremony but that’s okay. I’ve just finished the Fish Lips Kiss heel of sock 2 and am very pleased with how well the feet match. 2014-02-21 08.09.59I’ll be setting the socks aside for the weekend because…

First I use US size 0 needles to knit my socks and also recently started using lace tip Chiao Goo needles. The regular tips are sharp enough that I wear  adhesive strip to protect the tip of my left index finger. The lace tips will cut through the strip so I’m going to give my finger some recuperative time over the weekend. Also the plan is to work critters on the weekends till the end of April so I will  work on just (k)nits casting on Basic Peanut Body andBitty Bee. On Sunday I’ll make another just (k)nits for others Maggie the Mama Owl.. Hopefully all three critters will be just (k)nits bound off by bedtime Sunday. This will be a pajama party stay-at-home-and-knit weekend. (I may even slide swatching for Severi into the mix.)

I did just (k)nits bound off Dinky Doggy in Dancing Dog Dyeworks Squish N Shout in Baby Bacon and Tealicious colorways on US size 5 needles. Eyes and nose are from 6060 eyes.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


1 Response to “Kitty snips and needle tips”

  1. 1 Patsy Bohlen February 22, 2014 at 2:11 pm

    Have a great ‘PJ’ knitting weekend. My kitty has decided that it is OK to pounce on the yarn draping over my lap with claws extended. Maybe he thinks he is saving me from some terrible demise!

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