…and the snow’s still here. Living in North Carolina big snows–6 inches or more–are rare. Yeah I know that to some of you 6-inch snows aren’t big but more a dusting. As everywhere else in the US, we’ve had a rather severe winter. The latest assault was 8+ inches of snow which paralyzes us here. I had a snow day and was able to get in some extra knitting time….not as much as I would have liked as snow had to be shoveled. Between dealing with the snow, shoveling,cat wrangling, and watching the Winter Games, I didn’t have time to blog last week.

Right before the snow I had a mini-meltdown because I felt I had too many projects on the needles. So I started with the WIP that was closest to just (k)nits bound off, 12 Sripes of Christmas socks, and worked it till bound off. I used US size 0 needles and Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien 12 Stripes of Christmas kit. I loved this yarn and the end result but wasn’t thrilled with the process. The kit had 12 self-striping mini-skeins then a red for heels, toes and cuffs. I changed colors every 11 rows so had lots and lots of ends to weave. I used 66 stitches and afterthought heel2014-02-08 10.44.39. I’m still on the fence on this heel. I still prefer slip stitch heel and gusset and don’t mind the pooling. My main concern is that the “visible” parts of the socks when worn is basically the same.

Next I turned my focus to Undersized Unicorn who is (k)nit from Dancing Dog Dyeworks Waltz Worsted in The Grinch in Whoville and Cindy Lou Pink. The hooves and horn are Cascade 220. I used US size 5 needles. The unicorn is also just (k)nits bound off.2014-02-14 08.50.44

Next I worked on Mr Bluejeans in Malabrigo Rios Jupiter colorway using US size 5 and 6 needles. I used size 6 needles for the sleeves as my in-the-round gauge is tighter than my flat gauge. When about 2/3 finished with sleeve 1 that I was not going to like the sleeve shaping in the pattern. I’d already started decreasing and didn’t want to frog the sleeves so I increased the rate of decrease to every 6 rows and continued to the cuff. I also decreased at the cuff to have 60 stitches for the cuff. This is the number of stitches in the cuff of my Mr Greenjeans 2014-02-17 07.24.48so I knew it would work.The sweater is a block away from being just (k)nits bound off so I’m counting it as a finished object and the first of my 12 sweaters in 2014. The pre-blocked picture doesn’t do it justice. I did try it on and am happy with it. One of the things I love about my Mr Greenjeans is that it doesn’t pull or feel tight in the shoulders and Bluejeans uses the same shaping. I’m hoping for enough sunshine to be able to block this piece by next weekend.

After finishing Mr Bluejeans, the Russian socks became my just (k)nits for fun Winter Games knitting. They are knit on US size 0 needles in Fireweed Dyeworks Russian Fairytale colorway.2014-02-17 07.29.47  I’m using 66 stitches and fish lips kiss heel. I made good progress considering that I dropped stitches several times during the snowboarding events–both slope style and half pipe. I think maybe a project using heavier yarn might have been better for watching these events. I also had to focus more on the socks and would stop knitting to watch occasionally even during the ice skating and curling. Also snow shoveling cut into my just (k)nits for fun time.

Another result of my mini-meltdown was a “re-distribution” of my knitting time. I’d been working on a “me” project and a critter project on a daily basis with a target of two critters per week and was knitting charity items on Sundays. I decided that switching projects daily was not productive. So now I’m working “me” knitting Monday through Thursday, critters on Friday and Saturday and charity knits on Sunday. I think this will work better.2014-02-16 14.40.08

So I just (k)nits cast on and bound off Basic Stitchy Body in Another Crafty Girl Worsted Merino in Bork Bork Bork colorway on US size 5 needles. I’m also just (k)nitting for fun Dinky Doggy in Dancing Dog Dyeworks Squish n Shout in Baby Bacon and Tealicious on US size 5 needles. Dinky needs ears and a tail and will be 2014-02-17 08.26.24finished before I start working on the socks again. I did no just (k)nits for others this week because I went to shearing day at Rising Meadow Farm on Saturday. (In actuality the critters may be for others in the future.)

Stash is determined to be an outside kitty. I really would prefer he stay inside but he darts out when I open the door. Here he is exploring the snow. I had to drag him back inside and he went out again later in the week and had to be caught and brought back inside. 2014-02-13 10.27.07

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks,just (k)nits.


1 Response to “Mini-meltdown”

  1. 1 Mary Hess February 17, 2014 at 5:54 pm

    Sweater looks great….will look forward to blocking. Love all of your super colorful socks!!!


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