Let the games begin!

southparknitter’s knitting games that is! I did some stash diving this weekend to gather up yarn for my Winter Games just (k)nits casting on. Ravelry has Ravellenics during the Winter Games but I don’t participate in these.  I really enjoy and “get into” the Winter Games so have to have some mindless knitting. The original plan was to finish Mr Bluejeans in time to cast on Lush and finish the lace-detailed yoke so that I’d have lots and lots of stockinette to knit during the games. As we all know that didn’t happen and is unlikely at this point to happen. Plan B–to knit two pairs of socks using Russian named colorways–also is unlikely to happen. So that brings us to plan C. Plan C is to first finish Mr Bluejeans and the 12 Stripes socks, if necessary, then cast on the Russian socks. I have two colorways…Russian Fairytale (bottom) from Fireweed Dyeworks and Borscht (top) from Desert Vista Dyeworks2014-02-03 08.27.20 2014-02-03 08.30.45. Russian Fairytale has been in stash longer so will be the first knit. I should be able to finish one pair and hope to have the second started.

Also since I won’t need the stockinette from Lush for Winter Games knitting, I decided to just (k)nits cast on a spring sweater, Severi, next (as in probably after the games). This has been in the queue and stash for a while. I’ll be using Berroco Linsey.I’m hoping this will be finished by February 28. I’ll also be just (k)nits casting on Undersized Unicorn in Dancing Dog Dyeworks Waltz Worsted and Basic Stitchy Body sometime before next post…I hope

Mr Bluejeans is still just (k)nits for fun. I finished the edging and picked up and worked the bands and am currently binding off using Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off. I tend to have a very tight bind off and find that, while not stretchy enough for toe-up socks, JSSBO produces a more attractive bind off. Someone asked if I used cable needle and the answer is no I use this technique. I’m still hoping to finish this by Opening Ceremony but I’m going to have to cut out the sleep-knitting. I’m hoping that blocking will change the shape of this piece as I’m not overjoyed with it right now.2014-02-03 08.27.28

I also just (k)nits bound off Maggie the Mama Owl #5 (no photo), Half-sized Hippo and Pithy Platypus. Hippo2014-02-01 09.39.50 is GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome in Lady Camo and Platypus is Dancing Dog Dyeworks Squish N Shout in Baby Bacon and Tealicious. The platypus was supposed to have teal feet but I realized this when finished foot 3 and decided mine was an anomaly. I used US size 5 needles.

My plan is to cut down to one post a week during the games and go back to twice a week the last week in February. I haven’t decided whether to post Friday of this week or not. So…

2014-02-01 17.17.17

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


1 Response to “Let the games begin!”

  1. 1 Mary Hess February 3, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    Noticed your comment re hoping blocking will help with sweater finish. I hope blocking will open up the edging which I expect will give it the finishing I am expecting to match the picture.


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