Just (k)nits to be no more

Once upon a time I had a blog section called “Just (k)nits to be” which was the enabling portion of the blog.I posted pictures of yarn or bags or gadgets that I bought. I quit posting them because I was in denial about my fiber addiction and didn’t want to admit just how bad my addiction is.I am SABLE (stash accumulated beyond life expectancy) and most of that stash has patterns “assigned” to it–yeah I’m addicted. Since I watch podcasts and look at pictures on Instagram, I know firsthand the effects of other knitters’ enabling pictures so I have decided that unless the just (k)nits to be are very unique I will not be enabling you further so just (k)nits to be will be no more. And yes I will continue to buy yarn and stalk the mail carrier. Actually Stash will stalk the mail carrier. He wants to be the only “stash” in the house.

I just (k)nits bound off Not-big Gunea Pig 2014-01-29 16.03.46which is in Another Crafty Girl Merino Worsted Bork bork bork  on US size 5 needles. Eyes and nose are from 6060 eyes.

I just (k)nit for fun Mr Bluejeans 2014-01-31 08.30.52and am about 50 rows short of finishing the edging.. I put a dickey-doo (blue speck) where I was last post and Stash was photo-bombing here.The yarn is Malabrigo Rios in Jupiter colorway on US size 5 needles. I was working 3 repeats a day but stepped it up to 3.5 this week to enable me to finish by the opening ceremony of the Winter Games. Still not sure this will happen.

I also just (k)nits cast on Half-Sized Hippo2014-01-31 08.29.27 on US size 5 needles using GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome Lady Camo. I was hoping to finish him last night but that didn’t happen. He’s short a leg and a tail. He’ll be just (k)nits bound off tonight and then cast on Pithy Platypus in GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome Wabbit Season Duck Season. I just noticed the bill and legs are a different color so I may use some orange 220 superwash I use with the camo yarn.

The poor 12 Stripes socks…well, they’re getting no love whatsoever. I’m beginning to think they’ll be part of the Winter Games (k)nitting along with Mr Bluejeans. More about Winter Games (k)nitting later.

Stash says “Who me?”

2014-01-29 23.15.15

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


1 Response to “Just (k)nits to be no more”

  1. 1 Mary Hess January 31, 2014 at 7:25 pm

    Awwww…….look how sweet and INNOCENT??? 🙂


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