Let the knotter beware!

No that’s no typo…I’m talking about magic knot which I’ve mentioned and linked a couple of times on the blog. Since my earlier posts advocated the use of the magic knot, I feel that I need to issue a warning. IT DOESN’T ALWAYS WORK!!! I’ve had them come untied even after following EXACTLY the instructions and after pull testing before and after clipping. And other knotters have experienced the same thing. This seems to be more prevalent in acrylic and acrylic blend yarns but I won’t be using it in any project that will be worn or washed. I’d rather weave ends than have a hole magically appear in a garment I’ve worked hours to knit. I will use the knot to make my magic yarn cakes but will probably either leave 1/4 inch tails or snip the knots and go with end weaving. If you have already used the knots and had them untie, you can duplicate stitch a couple of inches on either side of the knot leaving a tail to be woven later. If you used this knot on my recommendation and had issues, my apologies for your inconvenience.

2014-01-09 13.56.27On to my just for fun (k)nits, Mr Bluejeans “rewind” is moving along nicely and I will probably begin “positive” (k)nitting over the weekend. I’m using US size 5 needles and Malabrigo Rios in Jupiter colorway which looks more purple in this picture that it is. It’s red.

My 12 Stripes of Christmas socks have been taking a long winter’s nap this week. I haven’t worked on them since Sunday. I intend for them to be my work-in-public late night knit and, due to cold weather, I haven’t been knitting in public and I’ve been sleep knitting late night.

I just (k)nits bound off the second Fractional Fish. This one is from Dancing Dog Dyeworks Waltz in turtle TURTLE colorway and Cascade 220 for fins and tail. I’m still loving knitting these and, while some may become just (k)nits for others, I’m planning to knit this set for display at the library and maybe some other places.2014-01-09 13.58.07

Just (k)nits casting on before next post will be another Maggie the Mama Owl in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted and Nano Ninja in Berroco Vintage and scraps of unknown origin. Also, I’ve decided to try to knit 12 adult sweaters/vests during 2014. I need to stash down and this is a good   way to do it. I don’t do well with goals and tend to stress when I don’t reach them so this will be a quest. If I do it great, if not , then tat’s fine too. I  have yarn and patterns to do this so it shouldn’t involve stash enhancement.–not saying it won’t.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.


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