Christmas Crunch Blues

While this expression is new to me, I have been experiencing it for the last week, I was in a panic because I’m not as far along in my Christmas preparations as I felt I needed to be. This had me a bit depressed and I was beginning to feel Grinchy and Scrooge-y. Tuesday my Advent reading by Deborah Westbrook dealt with the cure for this and, even though some of you might not be Christian you can easily modify the suggestions. Basically we should stop and smell the flowers (aka enjoy the season)

  • Find a four to six year old child and ask him or her to tell you about Chrismas
  • Read the Christmas story often from Scripture and a children’s book
  • Sing along with at least 10 Christmas carols a day. I do this in the car figuring my off-key singing is an improvement over some of what I hear vibrating from the cars around me
  • Eat your Christmas goodies with gusto and enjoyment. If you can’t afford the calories or are diabetic, bake cookies and smell the smells and give them away.
  • read Old Testament Scriptures that refer to Jesus and see the drama and humor in places. You can substitute reading a Christmas story or book…”Th-e Gift of the Magi”  or “A Christmas Carol” comes to mind.
  • visit a nursing home and take some kids with you. Let the kids entertain and adopt a grandparent for a day. Personally I want to reverse this and be surrogate grandparent to some kids whose grandparents aren’t around.

Now on to the (k)nits…just (k)nits bound off is Basic Uni-Body in Dancing Dog Dyeworks Waltz Worsted The Grinch in Whoville on US size 5 needles.2013-12-12 16.53.40 This colorway is reminiscent of a rainbow so I’m calling it Rainbow Uni-body Dude. I really liked this body style and found this a quick easy knit so I’m thinking I’ll use this pattern for backpack buddies for the school kids at my church in the fall.  Ms Danger uses a long tail cast on and knits the legs two-at-a-time. Now we all know I don’t like two-at-a-time knits but this was only about twelve rows so wasn’t so bad. The new just (k)nits for others is Small Squirrel (yeah the pic is sideways and I’m in a hurry) which is the same body type using GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome Lady Camo colorway on US size 5 needles. Ing the long tail cast on a bit fiddly and think I’ll try Judy’s Magic Cast On next time.`2013-12-13 16.39.26

In just (k)nits in progress is the Eggnog Socks in Fibernymph Dyeworks Bounce The Elves Were in the Eggnog. 2013-12-13 16.38.54I’d really hoped to be done with these but  Christmas shopping and some serious tinking got in the way. I made an unintentional decrease while working the heel and had to tink about 5 rows. I chose to tink rather than frog because I didn’t know how far back I’d made the mistake and hoping to tink one or two rows This  afternoon my helpers and I were sleepknitting. As you can see from the photos, they are sleeping within inches of one another. They only do this in the recliner. When I sleep in the bed, territory wars erupt.2013-12-13 16.03.30

I debated just (k)nits casting on the Pineland vest and working a few rows of sock a day but decided that, since it’s six of one and half dozen of another, to finish the socks then cast on the vest. I should still have it finished by 12/31.2013-12-13 16.05.15

Here’s a picture of The Twelve Stripes of Christmas mini-skein set. Desert Vista Dyeworks will be hosting a knit along starting December 25 and lasting the Twelve Days. I will be suspending Just (k)nits for others to participate. Susan Hayes, the dyer, included lots of goodies in the box including a recipe for socks using the mini-skeins. I am going to give 56 stitches and US size 1 needles a try. I usually knit plain vanillas using 66 stitches and US size 0 needles. As I’m writing this I realized I can swatch using leftovers from other projects. This won’t be a true gauge but will be close enough. I don’t usually swatch socks anyway but since this is a knitalong I don’t want to waste time with the frogs.2013-12-12 16.54.13

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


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