Cat carnival NOT!

Thursday I wound some yarn. The swift didn’t collapse so while I was putting my yarn in my project bag, Stash climbed up in the “cage” of the swift. The force from his entry caused the swift to spin so he looked like he was riding a carousel. I reached for the phone to take a video but he fell and was hanging in mid-air by the time I could aim and shoot.2013-10-24 15.07.39 He also tries to ride the skein winder like a ferris wheel. He’s a very athletic cat and jumps and climbs and runs and pounces quite a bit.While his antics often bring laughter, my swift and my skein winder are not cat carnival rides.

I had hoped to have a new just (k)nits in progress by now but didn’t quite get there. I did little knitting at SAFF and, since my return have done quite a bit of sleep-knitting.2013-10-27 22.18.39 I have finished sock 1 of the Groovy Fish socks and am almost finished with sock 2. Apparently my gauge on my second socks is larger than my first. No matter what pattern I use for self-striping pattern I have to knit extra rows on sock 2 to the stripes to match up. On the Groovy Fish sock, I started the heel at the same place in the stripe pattern but, when I started the foot, the socks don’t match. I’m not one who breaks the yarn to make it match. Also Stash chewed the yarn in two so that changed the striping too. The not-matching doesn’t bother me as long as the stripes are close. Most of my muggle (non-knitting) friends won’t notice and I don’t know too many knitters who constantly knit perfectly matched self-striping socks.

I still haven’t cast on another just (k)nits for others project. I plan to cast on a Maggie the Mama Owl this week. Just (k)nits casting on will be a pair of Christmas socks as a work-in-public project and an intarsia Christmas stocking. I plan to cast on the stocking on Tuesday at the latest.

As I said earlier I was at SAFF so I do have some just (k)nits to be. I bought a skein of Yowza2013-10-27 17.00.29 from Miss Babs in Zombie Prom colorway to make my Brickless. I had to stand in line quite a while to get this but really wanted this colorway and didn’t see it on Miss Babs website. I 2013-10-27 16.58.40bought four skeins of laceweight merino yarn from Pandoras Yarn.Two skeins are Crimson Crush and are a gift. The other two are Mermaid and they’ll be a shawl of some sort down the road. From Knitty and Color I bought a skein of 80/20 SW Merino/Nylon sock yarn in Death Rides a Horse colorway (right photo).2013-10-27 16.57.49 I’m thinking this may be my Miss Winkle but it may be another shawlette or a pair of socks. I also like Fibernymph Dye Works club selection Look into their Eyes (left photo) for the Miss Winkle.2013-10-27 16.57.36 This came in the mail before last post but I didn’t want to post a spoiler picture. I also received from FishKnits my skein of Fuji Fight Like a Girl. This is a self-striping sock yarn and is a fundraiser to benefit James and Dawn Wolfe of 2013-10-27 16.57.19Wolfe Farms whose chihuahua Fuji is undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma. She’s currently in remission but has several more months of chemo to go.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.


1 Response to “Cat carnival NOT!”

  1. 1 Mary Hess October 28, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    Even your knitting friends won’t detect non perfect striping while wearing……remember the galloping horse! Pic of cat carousel is a riot when I enlarge! Did Tina go to SAFF?


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