Rockin’ it

Westknits MKAL clue 2 that is. This is my main just (k)nitting in progress right now. As I posted earlier, last week’s clue 1 took a lot of my available knitting time. This clue involves short rows and is moving much faster. I actually worked a couple of inches on the Halloween socks 2013-09-23 14.52.30which have been on the needles since August 17. I’m trying not to get too excited because at the end of clue 2 I’ll have nearly 600 live stitches I have to do something with. (I’ll post pictures of clue 2 next week after clue 3 is released.)

I also finished my just (k)nits for others Milo project. I used Cascade Bentley on US size 4 needles and am not sure that this one will be long enough for the recipient. I bound off but have enough yarn to add another owl 2013-09-23 14.53.47repeat which I felt would make it too long. I’ll block it and let the recipient try it and decide if I need another repeat. I also think that a couple of small white button “eyes” on the top owl or both would make it look more like an owl. I hesitate to put buttons on a toddler’s sweater but will buy some and send them so grandma can add them. She’s a knitter.I’ll now finish the Robot the Peanut and then I need to (k)nit a lovie.

What has been the focus of much contemplation in the last week or so is just (k)nits casting on. October 1 is looming largely on the horizon and so are Christmas knits. I had abandoned Christmas plan A for a more ambitious plan B. In view of my decision in January 2013 that this would be the year of knit-whatever-I-want that makes me happy (my sticking to my needles on this decision is the reason no Christmas knits are in progress), I’ve decided to abandon both plans A and B and go with plan C. Plan C involves knitting two Christmas stockings that I promised to make and knitting other things I want to knit and that make me happy. If these projects can be used for gifts, then they’ll be gifted. I want to make some things from Topsy Turvy Knits and 50 Yards of Fun and want to participate in RetroLemon’s Mario the Artistic Rabbit KAL. The things I’d planned to knit for Christmas 2013 will be shifted to 2014. I have some me-knitting projects (more Halloween socks) that I really want to knit. The Westknits’ MKAL is also a part of this.If you read this and you normally get a gift from me, you can relax–you won’t have to ooh and aah over something you don’t like and have no use for in 2013. That may be a better gift for you.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


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