I love to knit children’s sweaters. I knit sweaters for friends’ children and grandchildren. I have a great-nephew and have made sweaters for him. Sometimes a design comes to my attention that I “need” to knit. So it goes with Milo. Quite a few of my online knitting friends have made this lately and posted pictures on Instagram and Facebook. I love it!!! So I contacted a friend who has a small granddaughter and asked for chest measurements. I’m probably going to cast on this weekend and use it for a shop/work-in-public project for the next week or so. (The Westknits Mystery KAL will be the shop project when it starts.) I plan to use orange Cascade Bentley and use the owl motif to make a Halloween vest. I also will be making one for a Christmas gift. It uses a small amount of DK weight yarn and will be a good way for me to  use up leftovers from my DK weight sweaters.

I also saw some friends at lunch who have a knitting group at their church. We were discussing charity knits, and I told them that I made Chubby Chirps for shut-ins and folks who’ve had surgery. One of my friends told me that they had a group member who made crochet hearts. When she did, the light bulb came on. I found a pattern on Ravelry and I’ll be knitting hearts too.

Speaking of Just (k)nits for others, I’ve finished the body and eye bumps of Sam the S^2C frog. I’m using Cascade 220 and US size 5 needles.2013-09-05 19.07.50

My Just (k)nits in progress is not a charity knit but is a gift for my friend, Susan, who loves turtles. It’s a turtle, TURTLE in Dancing Dog Dyeworks Waltz Worsted on US size 5 needles. 2013-09-05 19.07.08The colorways are limey and turtle, TURTLE. I love this yarn. I’ve made a couple of projects with it in the past and have been pleased with them all. I wish I could get it more often.

I hope to finish both of these projects by next post.  I’m hoping that Milo-knitting isn’t addictive.

Stash is upset that the keyboard is in his lap so he typed this expletive “B54y7”. He had a tough today. He had to go for a ride and get a rabies vaccination. He’s discovered outdoors and darts out when I open the door. This morning he climbed a tree that’s taller than the house. I had some laughs watching him descend. He dropped from branch to branch holding on with his front legs with body and back legs dangling like the “hang on, baby, Friday’s coming” cat.  Guess I’d better let him get in his lap so he can sleep knit some more.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits


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