Just keep (k)nitting (k)nitting (k)nitting

Finding Nemo is one of my favorite animated films so I’m borrowing Dory’s line for my post tonight. I’ve been inspired the last couple of weeks by Instagram pictures of Brickless and self-striping socks and Halloween colorways. I have a collosal case of castonitis so like Dory in the movie I’m chanting “just keep (k)nitting, (k)nitting, (k)nitting” in an attempt to knit my Puppies in the Dyepots socks faster. The chanting hasn’t really worked as I’m slightly behind where I’d planned. I seem to want to nap in the afternoons–not the fifteen or thirty minute power naps I normally take but two or three hour naps. (This might be a result of kitten-caused sleep deprivation.) I’ve also been busy doing some non-knitting things. I’m almost finished with sock one.

I used Cat Bordhi’s Sweet Tomato Heel which I’ve used a couple of times in the past. I had trouble with ladders (holes really) where the heel divides from the top of the foot. I had decided not to use this technique again due to this problem I learned that Ms. Bordhi had a remedy for this so I used the suggested remedy of “dropping” the first stitch of the foot on either side of the heel and placing it on a safety pin. After completion of the heel, I used a crochet hook and knit-up the ladders. This worked well so I may use the technique again. I do like the way it looks but a slipstitch heel with gusset is still my favorite. The socks are my only Just (k)nits in progress. The yarn is Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso and I’m using US size 0 needles.2013-08-09 00.21.53

I’m making another Chubby Chirp as Just (k)nits for others and have finished the body, I’m using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted Robot Overlord colorway and US size 5 needles. The Chirp has been the victim of the afternoons of sleep knitting so hasn’t been worked since Tuesday. I hope to finish it by next post and will cast on another Antler Cardigan. 2013-08-09 00.26.12

I forgot to post pictures of Just (k)nits to be club shipment from Tempted. It’s her Heavenly Grrl base which is lace weight. The colorway is not one I’d normally pick but I fell in love with it when I opened the envelope. The pattern is designed by Rebecca Danger who designs monsters mostly and is a shawl called Lady Luck. It has eyelet horseshoes inspired by a tattoo on Rebecca’s back. This also contributed to my castonitis. Just keep (k)nitting….2013-08-09 00.25.34

And yes I have a kitten picture to share. Like any child, Stash would rather have the box than the toy that it contained. 2013-08-08 19.18.25

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


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