Stash is the newest member of the South Park knitting crew. He’s a tuxedo kitten with half a mustache. I adopted him last week (or rather he adopted me) and picked him up from the vet’s office on Monday after surgery. After introduction to Izzy, I let him out of the carrier and then couldn’t find him for 4 hours. Eventually I discovered him in my stash. He crawled in bag with my SSK haul and took a nap. When he woke up, he was ready to go. The vet techs told me he was quite the character and they were right. He’s already brought much laughter and I’m sure he’ll bring more in the future.   2013-08-01 20.30.08   2013-07-30 15.43.01 2013-07-30 19.07.48 2013-07-31 15.51.31


We’re all adjusting well. I think when I’m not here that the two cats probably are pals. When I’m here, they hiss and swat at one another. Having added cats to the household in the past, I’m letting them do their cat thing as long as no one gets hurt.

Now on to the Just (k)nits in progress which is my Volatile Magic Shawl in Wooly Wonka Artio in the Shapeshifter colorway on US size 4 needles. I’ve about 20 rows left and hope to finish this by my Sunday post. The piece is inspired by Kate Daniels  who’s the main character in the Magic series by Ilona Andrews and will be a part of the library exhibit. It’s too big to stretch out on the needles so I took a close up of the cable panel and also where the two panels intersect.

2013-08-01 21.02.52 2013-08-01 21.02.22

I have a pair of socks on the needles but they’re hibernating because the shawl is a simple enough knit that I can work it at night without frogging the next day.

I stated last post that I’d be knitting a sweater as  Just (k)nits for others project but decided that I needed to knit a couple of Chubby Chirps first. This one is from Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in Robot Overlord. The wings are Liberty Wool. I’ll probably cast on the second one tomorrow.

2013-08-01 22.50.18The plan is to finish the Puppies in the Dyepots socks before casting on my next project so I’ll talk about Just (k)nits casting on Sunday.

Here’s a picture of the bags I bought at SSK. The owl sweater bag, the wheel bags (right corner), the flying pigs and Big Bang Theory bags came from Tangerine Designs. The bag in the bottom left corner was a gift and purchased from The PloverBird.

2013-08-01 20.03.07
Izzy wanted to stick her head in and say Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.2013-08-01 19.09.48


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