Yes I missed the Thursday post. I have several reasons for this. i spent of Thursday afternoon adopting the newest member of the South Park crew. I adopted a “tuxedo” kitty who has half a mustache. Since knitters “must stash” I’ve named him Must Stash (we’ll just call him Stash). I didn’t think to take a picture and he won’t move to the studio until Monday afternoon. I’m not planning to add a K9 crew member right now but will if the right dog comes along. Another reason I wanted didn’t post was I wanted to finish all the Maggie the Mama Owls. I’ve made eight of these as Just (k)nits for others. The ones with the red heads are knit using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in Robot Overlord colorway and Liberty Wool, the green heads are from Dancing Dog Dyeworks Waltz Worsted Retro Lemon Studios colorway  with some heads in Kiwi and some in Cascade 220 and the orange heads are GnomeAcres Wabbit Season Duck Season and Cascade 220. All are knit with US size 5 needles. 2013-07-28 19.09.08

Color Affection Shawl in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select Cornflower and Dusty Rose and Tempted Good Grrl Sidra and knit on US size 6 needles is Just (k)nits bound off. This was a very easy knit but a bunch of stockinette. It was a great retreat project. Well I did have a short row that was too short but easy to fix. 2013-07-25 08.11.15

Just (k)nits in progress are Volatile Magic in Wooly Wonka Artio Shapeshifter colorway on US size 4 needles.2013-07-27 23.13.58 I also started plain vanilla socks on US size 0 needles using Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso in Puppies in the Dyepots. I’ve not decided on heel treatment yet. Yes I did post that I’d be casting on turtle, TURTLE next but after the eight owls needed a break from toys. I will cast it on once the socks are finished. Initially I thought I’d need a sleepknitting project (hence the socks) but the shawl is a fairly easy to remember cable pattern so I’m knitting the socks in public.2013-07-27 16.02.20

My new Just (k)nits for others project will be another Antler Cardigan to replace the one the Teal Feathers bled on.

Now for some pictures from Scarritt-Bennett Center. I will post pictures of my new bags next post. I also got a club shipment from Tempted which I’ll share next post.

History of Center

History of Center

Wightman Chapel

Chapel windows

Chapel windows

Dining hall--no Dumbledore was not there

Dining hall–no Dumbledore was not there

Where I slept

Where I slept

Bell Tower

Bell Tower

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.

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  1. 1 Diane July 29, 2013 at 12:18 am

    Ah ha! Kitty is the reason you may not make it to knitting. Bet he is a cutie! Color Affection turned out very pretty. Wish I were finished!

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Just (k)nits bound off 2016

Twelve Drummers Drumming Socks
Sockhead Hat

Just (k)nits for others

Playdate using US size 3, 5, and 6 and Wollmeise Pure in Feldmaus

Just (k)nits in the zone

Just dead (k)nits

Rockefeller, US size 3, Wollmeise Pure Ruby Thursday and 47 Ag
Christmas 2016 socks, Size 2.25 mm, Desert Vista Dyeworks Zombody's Kissing Santa Claus

Just (k)nits hibernating

Sockhead hat


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