Why me?

Yesterday I got a message from a friend who asked if I’d be willing to exhibit some of my works at the local library. First of all, except for Evenstar, I’m of the opinion that what I make isn’t really special enough to be exhibited. Also, most of my art is wearable or giftable so the few pieces that live in a drawer and are in condition to be exhibited aren’t enough for an exhibit. So I told her I’d think about it. I decided that, given enough time, I could knit some pieces for the exhibit. My first thought was softies or toys then I realized that I have patterns and yarns to make pieces that are inspired by literary works. For example, Evenstar is from a series of works inspired by Fellowship of the Rings  and even though I plan to knit a couple more of these, I didn’t think the library wanted to wait two or three more years. Then I realized that all of my Wooly Wonka kits are literary inspired. The 2013 kits are inspired by heroines–Anne of Green Gables, Guinevere, Irene AdlerAlexia Tarabotti and Kate Daniels. I don’t have a link yet for the Kate Daniels inspired piece but it’s designed by Liz Abinante and is a slender shawlette called Volatile Magic and will be the first piece I knit. I still have 3 more kits to come. I’m not planning to knit all eight pieces and may not knit all the five listed. I just thought the literary references would be good and might encourage a reader to read some of these books. I’m thinking of reading some of them myself.I’m still not sure why me but I’ve agreed to the exhibit and my target date is February 28 2014 so follow along and see how it goes. Yes I know Christmas is a-coming.

Also in Just (k)nits casting on I’m leaving later in the week for SSK 2013 and will probably cast on a pair of Tomato Heel socks in one of Desert Vista Dyeworks self-striping colorways.

Just (k)nts for others, I’m on owl number 5 which I will be finishing up tomorrow. Owls 6 and 7 will be knit in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted Robot Overlord and red Liberty Wool. I’ll be working on these at SSK also.2013-07-14 22.02.30

Just (k)nits in progress  My main SSK project will be finishing my Color Affection. I’m well into the short row section and, if we don’t get too rowdy at SSK, I should finish Friday or Saturday. Don’t hold me to that. The purpose behind any retreat is to have fun and make friends so sometimes the knitting is slow going.2013-07-14 19.07.44

I won’t be posting again until probably Monday, July 22, or Tuesday, July 23. Yes I will have lots of  Just (k)nits to be.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


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