(K)nit Knot not

Back in the dark ages when I learned to knit, I was taught to join new yarn by the two ends together using an overhand knot and move on. We didn’t weave in ends. When I became seriously addicted to knitting “several” years ago, I learned that one shouldn’t tie knots because they’d come through to the public side of one’s work and look “tacky.” (Honestly I’ve never had this happen although I did knit some tacky pieces.) Recently I discovered the “magic” or double knot. I tried it on a couple of pieces that wouldn’t be washed or used a lot and liked it. I was still hesitant to use it on my heavy use/wash pieces (somehow trimming the tails so closely was scary to me)  but began to see that some designer folks and other knitters were beginning to advocate use of this knot. So I caved and used it on the last two graduate throws. Since last post, while working on the Wade throw, I noticed that my “magic” knot had magically untied and that I had a hole in my throw. I quickly repaired this. Now I’m concerned that when I machine wash these, more holes will appear. The moral of this story is (k)nit knot not–in future I will not knot my (k)nits and will go back to the tedium of weaving ends.Speaking of the Wade throw it’s in

Just (k)nits bound off…

I finished it up this afternoon. I used US size 9 needles and Berroco Vintage. I’m please with the design.2013-05-23 18.33.12 I also finished Sam the Super Frog in GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome Wabbit Season Duck Season. The cape is Cascade 220 and I used US size 5 needles. I buy my eyes from 6060.This Sam is for a friend’s son who likes to hunt. 2013-05-21 22.13.51

Since the Wade Throw is finished, I’ll be casting on a new Just (k)nits for others project. I probably will cast on the Buttons Cardigan using Liberty Wool and US size 5 needles. I want to make the Egg to Penguin Topsy-Turvy toy but don’t have US size 6 double pointed needles which are needed. The Topsy-Turvy is also a knitalong entry that needs to be finished by month’s end so the Buttons will hibernate a few days when I get needles.

Speaking of Topsy-Turvy toys, in Just (k)nits in progress I cast on Happy Mouse, Sad Mouse. I love the book that contains this pattern. Instructions are well written and instead of sewing on small pieces, Ms Anderson has the knitter pick up stitches and knit the small pieces–on this piece it’s feet/ears and arms. I have to knit his arms and noses and embroider his face. This toy is a flip toy and which finished will have a happy face and a sad face. I’m using yarn scraps that are wool of unknown origin and US size 5 needles. 2013-05-23 22.33.28

I’m also making great progress on the beading on the Evenstar. I’ve done about 25% of the border. I hope to finish this piece by mid-June.After a bit of a learning curve, I’ve established a rhythm and also have am able to remember parts of the chart so can knit most each row without staying so focused on the chart. I had hoped to get a picture of the piece spread out but it’s still bunched up.2013-05-23 18.30.41

Other Just (k)nits casting on will be turtle, Turtle in GnomeAcres Scruffy
Gnome in Unicorn Freckles and Cascade 220. I’ll use US size 5 needles and will cast on when Happy Mouse, Sad Mouse is finished.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


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