Stinking Tinks…

and freaking frogs!!! Yep! I’ve had them and am beginning to think they’re contagious because I was a couple of knitters who had them. For my muggle (non-knitting) friends, tinking involves unknitting or knitting backwards to correct a mistake. Tink is knit spelled backwards. Generally knitters tink if the mistake is not too far back or if it’s lace or other involved pattern. Frogging is ripping out one’s work. I’ve tinked Evenstar (once or twice when unnecessary) and frogged Sam the Super Frog since last post. Fortunately repairs were made and both projects are on track.

Just (k)nits for othersI’m still working on the Wade throw. I hope to finish it by next post so will wait and take a picture of the finished work. I’m working the garter stitch border. The rows are about 500 stitches long so I’m only able to work 2 a day at most. Also it’s warmer so I work on this briefly in the morning while it’s still cool. I’ll be working a couple of Topsy Turvy Toys for shut-ins before casting on Buttons Cardigan.

Just (k)nits in progress

Even with the tinking, the Evenstar is moving right along. I’m able to work 30 rows of border (and sometimes more) daily. While the beading is slower the pattern is less involved so I can knit this almost as fast as the body of the shawl. I found using the row counter on my phone quicker than my normal counter, I tinked a couple of times because I was knitting while tired and was confused about what row I was knitting. There’s a reason why one uses a row counter.2013-05-18 15.31.18The beads don’t show up in this picture but they’re really there.

Also, Sam the Super Frog got frogged a couple of times. I seem to be having trouble with casting on and working the first few rows. I think I started one of Sam’s arms about 3 times. I also had trouble with his leg. I’m working his last leg. I’d like to finish the knitting tonight but I don’t think that’ll happen.2013-05-20 18.13.51

Just (k)nits casting on later this week and probably before next post is turtle, TURTLE. I haven’t decided on yarn yet but it will have some pink which is the recipient’s favorite color. As I said earlier, I’ll be casting on Topsy Turvy Toys–first Happy Mouse, Sad Mouse and then Egg/Penguin.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.

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