Building Projects in the Sky

I work part-time at Gate City Yarns, my local yarn shop. Yarn diets and work at the shop sometimes don’t mix. When the shop’s busy, time flies and I don’t have time to shop for me. When the shop is slow, I fall off the wagon usually. I have time to build projects in the air and a whole roomful of products to build those projects on earth.Most of the time, enough product (yarn) to build the project rides home in my bag.

Sunday was slow and I’d been considering Stephen West’s Safety Scarf. I have to confess here that,in the past, I have not been a scarf or cowl type of gal (some of my knitting friends are probably planning an intervention right now).But something about this piece spoke to me–no I wasn’t at Pier 1. Stephen West is one of my favorites because he uses color and texture and interesting architecture to make his designs. I feel comfortable wearing his designs. So Sunday I purchased Malabrigo Rios in Lotus and Teal Feather colorways to make this design. (Actually I bought Ultra Alpaca which I exchanged when I worked Wednesday.) I’m also tried on a cowl and now building a cowl but have stash yarn to cover that.  This covers Just (k)nits to be…

2013-05-10 08.26.25

Moving on to Just (k)nits for others, I worked on the SouthPark Wade Throw since last post but didn’t take a picture  because it doesn’t look much different. I cast on a Chubby Chirp using some stash scraps in bluebird colors and US size 5 needles and finished the body and one wing.2013-05-10 08.25.25 Yeah, it looks like a lump in the picture. Not a good camera day today–sorry.

Just (k)nits in progress was really busy. I’m working two rows a day on Evenstar and hope to start the bind off/applied edging which is beaded next week. I was trying to stretch out the design and hoping it would show in the picture…fail. Maybe next time.2013-05-10 08.20.11

I also am making good progress on Gill’s Rock. I’m still very much in love with Quince & Co yarn. This picture’s blurry but the stitch definition is very clear. This is 100% American wool and extremely soft. I’m using US2013-05-10 08.25.02 size 6 needles.The yarn is Finch and the colorway is Twig.

Just (k)nits casting on…

When I finish the Chubby Chirp, I’ll cast on another one in bluebird colors. They make great gifts for folks who need cheering up.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits!


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