Good Question

Last post a reader asked “What is castonitis?” Castonitis is a condition which occurs in knitters in which they want to start (cast on) a new project. I suspect that this condition is particular to product knitters who knit to achieve a finished product. Process knitters who knit just to knit would just cast on another project. Product knitters tend to be more monogamous–only having one or two projects at a time. I suspect that most knitters are a bit of both. I do have periods where I have multiple projects but get a bit stressed that I’m not finishing any of them, and process knitters will sometimes stress over having many unfinished objects and knit monogamously until they’re finished.

My castonitis has been cured for the time being. I finished the South Park Forrest Throw so I have Just (k)nits bound off. I finished it up last night. I’m pretty pleased with this piece. I used Berroco Comfort and US size 8 needles. I cast on 8 stitches using Judy’s Magic Cast On and increased 8 stitches every other row. I used several motifs. I did have to get an extra skein of yarn but really could have bound off at the end of the last stockinette section and still had a good size lap robe.2013-04-11 18.12.24The color is an avocado green. Maybe using my phone for pictures isn’t such a good idea.

Once the Justin was finished I cast on a new Just (k)nits in progress. I have a friend who’s getting married in June and decided when I heard the news to make intarsia Christmas stockings for them.I’ve had the kits since December and didn’t think I needed to finish them until June. Surprise…surprise…surprise, Tuesday I received an invitation to a shower to be held in 11 days. I decided that I definitely can finish the bride’s and will probably be able to finish the groom’s also. I’ve about 2/3 finished with the intarsia portion and should be able to finish the knitting by Saturday. I dislike the embroidery part of this project so embroider an hour a day while I work on the groom’s. The bride’s is Sweet Mama Claus from Elegant Heirlooms and I’m using US size 5 needles.I also worked a bit on my Twitterpated Socks at knit night.

2013-04-11 18.14.15Obviously my Just (k)nits casting on will be the groom’s stocking. His will be Santa’s Workshop. These kits come with everything but the needles. I’ve made 3 other stockings from them and always have plenty of yarn and the patterns are well written. They are a good value.

The postal carrier brought me some Just (k)nits to be today. I ordered a skein of Puppies in the Dyepots from Desert Vista Dyeworks. I love this colorway and now want to cast on Puppies in the Dyepots socks. I will be good though and finish my Vesper socks first.


2013-04-11 18.15.23Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


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