Much better plan

As you know I’ve been making prayer throws for graduates for a good while now–since February 13 to be exact and have castonitis something fierce. The last two have been pretty much the same design, and I’m getting quite bored with these hence the castonitis. Now I have one more throw to make and four Christmas stockings to knit before May 31 so don’t really have time to cast on another project. So on my drive to Gate City Yarns Saturday I realized that I can and will change the order of my queue and knit one or maybe two of the stockings. I will work on the fourth throw two hours a day until the stockings are done. This will also prevent being bored with the stockings. So for just (k)nits casting on, I’ll be starting North Pole Rockers which is a kit for Elegant Heirlooms probably Wednesday or Thursday.  Hopefully this will cure the castonitis for a while.

The fact that I keep getting neat stuff in the mail isn’t helping the castonitis.Which brings me to just (k)nits to be. Yesterday in the mail I received my turtle, TURTLE kit in Waltz Worsted from Dancing Dog Dyeworks. turtle, TURTLE will be the next softie I knit.

2013-04-06 17.57.05

I also had a surprise. Well, I knew it was ordered but didn’t know it shipped. I received Susan B Anderson’s new book, Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out Knit Toys.  I found the book when my friend, Robin, knitted a duck/bunny topsy-turvy back before Easter. I went to Ravelry to queue the project and discovered that Ms Anderson was publishing a book of these patterns. This book has twelve projects that are toys that change from one thing to another by turning them inside-out. I’m not going to do a review because I’m not big on book reviews and some knitters don’t enjoy knitting toys. I will list the projects…Happy Mouse, Sad Mouse; Egg to Penguin; Egg to Alligator; Chrysalis to Monarch; Pigs in a Blanket;Flower Fairy in a Tulip; Bunny & Lamb; Snowman & Tree; The Fox & The Hen; Dog in the Doghouse; Squirrel & Hedgehog; Top-Down Seamless Petticoat Dolls.I hope to start and the front of the book and work through the whole book. Ms Anderson will be at SSK so I may work on one of these while there and get her to knit a few stitches and sign my book.

2013-04-06 17.52.512013-04-07 09.11.47













I’m making good progress on my just (k)nits for others project, South Park Forrest Throw. I’ve about 20 more rows to knit and should be finished by Wednesday at the latest. I’m using Berroco Comfort and really love the fabric. I think I’ll use US size 9 needles for the next one. I used a bit more yarn than the Justin Throw and a larger needle size would have helped. So the garter ridge section will be some variegated Comfort that is the same green.

2013-04-07 17.35.00






Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.



2 Responses to “Much better plan”

  1. 1 bbg April 8, 2013 at 10:23 am

    What is castonitis? 🙂

    • 2 southparknitter April 8, 2013 at 11:57 am

      Good question and something that other readers might want to know. So I’ll post the answer in my next post.

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