Spring Organizing

Remember my last post about being over winter and ready for spring? Well, this is a picture of the ground in my front yard this afternoon.

2013-04-04 16.00.40

Yes that white stuff is ice–something we don’t see much in April in North Carolina unless it’s in a glass with tea or lemonade. Hard to believe it’s spring but the calendar says it is.

One look at my studio (aka house) and you’d know that I don’t do spring cleaning but I have done some spring organizing (really I was playing in the stash). If anything can convince me that I don’t need any more yarn, it’s working in the stash (and, no, that doesn’t work either but it helps a smidge). The main organization was the sock yarns (note I didn’t call them stash because every knitter knows that sock yarns don’t count). I wanted to separate again the paints, solids and self-striping/patterning. I’ve done this before but tend to stick new yarns in the top box instead of the proper box. They’re marked now so maybe I’ll do better–yeah right. That brings me to

Just (k)nits to be…

I received my Wooly Wonka Heroines Accessory Club kit. The colorway is Tarnished Heroines and the pattern is socks called Guinevere. Unless I change my mind, I don’t plan to sign up for this or the shawl club in 2014. I love the kits and the yarn but I’m not knitting them so I’ve decided to discontinue until I’ve knit a few of these. We’re not going to talk about how many I haven’t knitted but I have knitted one kit and I’ve been in shawl club for several years. Enough said? Here’s a picture of the yarn.

2013-04-01 16.15.35

When I organize the stash, I also remember all the beautiful yarns I have which gives me a colossal case of castonitis and makes me wish I could knit faster so I could cast on something new. So I’ve been making good progress on my

Just (k)nits for others…

The South Park Forrest Throw is moving right along. I have about 45 more rows to knit. I don’t have enough of the green Berroco Comfort so the garter ridge border will either be brown Plymouth Encore or off white Berroco Comfort. I haven’t decided which yet.The shop has some variegated Comfort with the same green so I may use that. I’ll surprise you.

2013-04-04 21.39.47

I’m pleased with this design and will be using it again for the next throw.

Just (k)nits casting on…

Once the Forrest is finished I’ll cast on the South Park Wade Throw using Berroco Vintage and US size 8 needles. Rumor has it that my Dancing Dog Dyeworks shipment is on its way. This yarn will be used to knit turtle, TURTLE by Susan Claudino. If you follow the link, scroll down and read about the inspiration for this pattern.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


1 Response to “Spring Organizing”

  1. 1 atangledyarn84 April 5, 2013 at 2:50 pm

    I’m in the process of packing to move into our first home and it’s giving me terrible cast on-itis as I organize and pack my yarn. I’m up to four WIPs…lol

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