Despite the fact that I’ve had a busy weekend, I was able to make progress on both projects I’m working right now. I also caught a Wollmeise update at the Loopy Ewe so my postal carrier put a little something special in my box yesterday.

Just (k)nits for others

I’ve made good progress on the South Park Justin Throw. I’ve got a plan but may change it as I go along. I’ve finished about 50 rows. I worked at the yarn shop over the weekend and this was my shop project because it’s mindless–sort of. I did have to place markers every 5 stitches today to set up a checkerboard section.I will continue to work at least 2 hours a day on this while I finish a couple of softies I want to finish by the end of March. I hope by next weekend that it will be the only project until finished.


The throw is made using Plymouth Encore on US size 8 needles. In future my preferred acrylic/wool blend yarn will be Berroco Vintage which is less splitty and has better stitch definition and is less scratchy.

When I wasn’t working on the throw, I was working on

Just (k)nits in progress…

Which is Voodoo You Love Me in GnomeAcres Squishy Gnome in Do You Lurve Me colorway on US size 5 needles. This is my first knit from Susan Claudino’s patterns and I love the way that she writes the patterns. The hardest part of knitting softies is placement of eyes and other parts. Ms Claudino gives very specific instructions as to placement. She also gives instructions as to when to stuff various parts. As you can see from the picture, the little Voodoo Dude is finished except for his legs and I hope to finish at least one of those tonight. He should be finished tomorrow evening.As with other softies I’ve knit, I’m enjoying this knit.


Just (k)nits casting on…

Once little Voodoo Dude is done, I’ll cast on Maggie the Mama Owl in Dancing Dog Dyeworks Waltz Worsted in RetroLemon colorway. Both the pattern and the colorway were in celebration of RetroLemon’s podiversary. I’ll use US size 5 needles.

Just (k)nits to be…

No sooner had I written the words yarn diet in my last post than The Loopy Ewe had a Wollmeise update. I always buy Wollmeise when I get a chance. I scored a skein of Johannisbeer und Brennesel in Twin. I think the translation is red currants and nettles.


I’m pretty sure this will be a shawl of some sort. I think I’ve got a new Martina Behm pattern that calls for Wollmeise.

Guess I’d better go make the Voodoo Dude some legs.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.

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