The Attack of the Sleep (K)nits

Just sleep (k)nits….seems like I’ve been doing a lot of them since last post which is why I’m a day late with this post. Why is it when I near the end of a piece and am excited to finish that I sleep knit and those last few rows take forevaahhhh!!!I’m thinking maybe I need to invest in some of that 5-hour energy stuff but then I’m afraid I won’t go to sleep. I also believe that sleep knitting is my old bones reacting to my being busy busy busy which has also happened a lot since last post. So I think I’ll just adjust my self-imposed deadlines and (k)nit on.

Just (k)nits in progress…

Even though I’ve done a bit of sleep knitting while knitting the South Park Angel Lace throw, I am making progress. I measured incorrectly.(Measure twice, frog not.) So instead of the one repeat I thought I needed I need several more. I still plan to finish by Sunday unless I sleep (k)nit again.Once it’s blocked it won’t look like a honeycomb abnd the angel will be more evident.


Evenstar,,,yes, I’ve been sleep (k)nitting while working on that. (Tina quit laughing) Fortunately no frogging resulted from this (I can’t be sure about this yet because I haven’t looked at yesterday’s sleep (k)nitting). I did stop and nap when this happened. My aside to Tina is based on my advice to her to nevah evah nevah knit lace when you’re tired. While my brain knows this, my body is not cooperating and wants to sleep (k)nit every time I pick up my lace needles since advising.

I have decided to adjust the plan for knitting the Evenstar. I’m supposed to work it the last 7 days of even months and the first 7 of odd months. That’s not what’s happening due to my schedule. In future months, I pick a start date so I can work 14 weekdays and set an easily attainable row goal the first day and knit till that many rows are complete which is what sort of happened this time. Hopefully I’ll feel like I’m making progress if I do this. I’m making progress now just not reaching my self-imposed goal which translates to my goal/deadline-oriented brain as no progress.

Just (k)nits casting on…

Hopefully by next post I will cast on the second “graduation” throw. This one will be a South Park design and will be a center-out throw of various stitches knit in the round. The yarn will be Plymouth Encore on US size 8 needles. I’ll be knitting 2 hours a day except Sundays for a few weeks.

I also will finish Priscilla the Persnickety Princess Pig using GnomeAcres Scruffy Gnome base in Unicorn Freckles and US size 5 needles. She should be bound off before next post.

Once she’s bound off I’ll cast on Voodoo You Love Me using GnomeAcres Squishy Base Do Ewe Lurve Me and US size 5 needle.

Just (k)nits to be…

I’m becoming addicted to Desert Vista Dyeworks self-striping colorways. I wanted one of everything in her March colorways and have tried to limit myself to one of her “traveling” and one of her seasonal colorways. I had a fail in March (yes, that was the big boom…I fall down go boom) All are in her Viso base.The top one is  Great Barrier Reef (I can just see Nemo, Marlin and Dory swimmin’ swimmin’ swimmin’), the middle is Jelly Beans (which will probably not be worn at Easter in NC but maybe someday), and the bottom is Sun Dried Grapes (hey it’s got purple in it too).I already have severe self-striping castonitis and this isn’t help.


My other castonitis is softies (toys) and I’m satisfying that itch as you can see above. I’m also stashing yarn to make them. If I give you a Christmas gift (or any other kind of gift) you’re likely going to get a softie. GnomeAcres has a new colorway called Wonder Woman and I had to have a skein in Squishy Gnome. She couldn’t ride halfway across the country by herself so I threw some Wabbit Season Duck Season in the cart.  I think you can tell which is which. Both will be toys. I have a couple of friends who hunt and I’ll add some orange for accents and make them toys.


It’s time for me to go sleep (k)nit on the Evenstar a while.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


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