A bit overwhelmed

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed this last week. I’m working on three projects at the same time (so much for monogamy) and worrying about finishing all the gift/charity projects that I need to make which all have a deadline at the end of May (so much for fun-whatever-I-want knitting) . The three-project-at-the-same-time thing will go away when I put the Evenstar back to sleep and finish up the Elizabeth.I sat down last night with calendar and task manager (more as a queue than keeping up with deadlines) and verified that I can get it all done by May 31. The problem with feeling overwhelmed is that’s when the process knitter in me comes out. I struggle with wanting to cast on a “me” project. I look at my queue, see all the things that need to be knit and start jones-ing to cast on one of the “me” projects from my queue.. (Yes the Evenstar is for me me me but won’t be finished for a long long long time and the Elizabeth Cardigan is for me but it’s in the not-so-much-fun finishing stage.)You will see when I discuss just (k)nits casting on that I do plan to sneak in some “me” projects as work-in-public projects. Intarsia Christmas stockings and small afghans are not good work-in-public projects.

Just (k)nits bound off…

I haven’t bound off anything since last post but I do have.

Just (k)nits in progress…

that will be bound off by next post. The Elizabeth Cardigan has been in progress since May 2012. I finished the body and then worked the long long long 1 x 1 rib front bands and collar. This took forever because it became the work-in-public project and then it was summer and I didn’t want to hold the sweater in my lap to assemble. I thought I’d reserved a partial ball of Liberty Wool Print to assemble and finish the bands if they weren’t long enough. I learned when I started to attach the bands that they weren’t long enough and the yarn was a different colorway. I set the project aside and eventually decided to frog the bands and work 2×2 rib pick up style bands. I’ve just started the second of the three balls of yarn from the frogged bands. I estimate that I’m about half finished so will have more than enough yarn. I hope to finish bands and be able to sew side/arm sleeves on Sunday.


I’m still working 2 rows a day of the Evenstar. I’ve just finished row 24 of chart 3 which was the end of a 4-row repeating pattern that repeated 6 times. I decided to post a picture I’ve also decided to continue to work the last week of even months and the first week of odd months. That seems to make me feel like I’m making a little progress.


I did cast on Priscilla the Persnickety Pig in GnomeAcres Unicorn Freckles using US size 5 needles.I finished the tail so didn’t take a picture. I’m calling this project Princess Priscilla because she’s for Princess Paige and she will be the work-in-public project until I’ve finished the sweater and

Just (k)nits for others…

The Angel Lace Throw is moving right along. This pattern is easily memorized and I’ve been able to work 8 rows per day. Once I’ve finished the Elizabeth Cardigan, I will work this as the main project. I think the pattern is simple enough that I can work on it at night. If not I’ll work on Priscilla.


Just (k)nits casting on…Last post I posted a picture of the RetroLemon Colorway that I bought from Dancing Dog Dyeworks to make RetroLemon’s Podiversary pattern. She released the pattern on Monday and it is Maggie the Mama Owl. I will be making one of these and an Owl Puff to match. Once the Angel Lace Throw is finished I’ll be casting on a throw for Justin. I will be improvising a pattern for this. I will be knitting a total for 4 throws and 4 intarsia Christmas stockings between now and the end of May and will knit softies and self-striping socks as work-in-public projects. I also plan to knit Mr Bluejeans in the very near future. I will need to plan some baby sweaters for a couple of friends but the babies won’t need the sweaters until fall so I have some time.

till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.


2 Responses to “A bit overwhelmed”

  1. 1 Kim AKA NurseKimKnits March 1, 2013 at 3:02 am

    Your knits are beautiful….I understand that feeling that you describe. Sometimes, it helps to be monogamous for while and other times, that makes me think of the other projects I am not working on! Good luck in getting through this….

  2. 2 pictfamily March 1, 2013 at 9:48 am

    I’m just impressed that you are making progress on so much! My Lent resolution was not start nothing new, and finish stuff off, but I keep seeing tempting new patterns and I’m not a fast knitter. I did have some heady successes at the beginning but now I’m just trying to plough through stuff!

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