Just (K)nits Revisited

Just (k)nits revisited… in February 2012 I knitted the Augusta Cardigan from Cascade 220 Superwash. I really wasn’t overjoyed with the sweater and it has rested unassembled in the to-be-assembled tote for almost a year now. I think I’m safe in saying that the yarn needs to be something else. I liked the pattern and the yarn  I think my problem with this piece is that I needed to knit a smaller size. Also, I’m just beginning to learn which sweater styles and eases I feel comfortable wearing. So I will be frogging this sweater and re-purposing the yarn. Other than to say it will be a cardigan, I don’t know yet what it will be.

Just (k)nits bound off… still none.

Just (k)nits in progress… I had a sleep knitting attack last night so not only did I not blog but also didn’t finish knitting the sleeve of the Gnarled Oak Cardigan. i did finish it today and have cast on sleeve 2. Hopefully I’ll still be able to finish the sweater by February 10. The Through the Loops Mystery Sock KAL 2013 socks are still hibernating. Hopefully I can work on them next week.


I decided to wait and work on Evenstar the last week of February and the first of March. Maybe that will make if feel like I’m making more progress.

Just (k)nits casting on… I’ll be swatching for Mr Bluejeans later in the week soon. I started this sweater in October and frogged because my gauge was too big. I had to look back at blog posts to see what needles I used the first time. I’ll be swatching with size US 7 which may make the fabric too dense. I’ll decide after swatching whether to use 8s and pattern for smaller size or 7s and my normal size.

Just (k)nits to be… I hung out at Gate City Yarns yesterday, and my arm definitely received a twisting. We got in some Berroco Ultra Alpaca in what I think is the perfect shade of purple. Tina left it sitting on the table beside me until I started teaching my class. I thought about that yarn all evening and this morning. My twisted arm was hurting badly. So a sweater’s worth came home with me this afternoon. It will be a Bloody Mary except mine will be called the PJ cardigan. I have a friend who thinks when I have a pj (meaning pajama) party that I mean pj the drink party. Since mine will be purple instead of red, I feel it’s an appropriate name.


Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just (k)nits.



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