Two years ago about this time of year I finished Hallett’s Ledge in Dream in Color Classy Lipstick Lava.I’ve worn it a few times but mostly it’s been hanging around.  I like the yarn and had no trouble with the pattern. However, the neck was too scoopy so I never felt comfortable wearing it.I like v-neck or crew neck sweaters. I think this stems from my wanting lots of ease and scoop necked cardigans just don’t look/feel right with a lot of positive ease.I’ve also started making sweaters a few inches smaller than I was two years ago.Since “fall” sweater washing, I’ve been mostly moving the sweater out of the way when I get others so I’ve decided to recycle the yarn and make this. I don’t know when I’ll make the Starfish Cardigan but it’s been queued.

When I was searching my library/checkout cart on Ravelry, I decided that this would be an excellent choice for the sweater quantity of Artesanal that has been hanging out in my stash for a while. I swatched this yarn for another project but couldn’t get gauge so I used another stash yarn for the project. I’ve got two colors of the Artesanal and will decide which to use when Mint Julep is selected by the random number generator.

I finished Crosswords at the Coffee Shop for E who is a friend with  cancer. I really enjoyed this pattern and need to make another for another cancer victim but decided to finish clue 2 of TTL Mystery Sock KAL before casting on the shawl. Originally I thought I’d be able to start the shawl Sunday but just discovered in the written part that I need to repeat half the leg pattern on the socks which will make a seven inch cuff (happy dance) and I visited the frogs and did a bit of negative knitting yesterday. I should be able to start the shawl on Monday or Tuesday.


Once the shawl is finished, I plan to cast on either Gnarled Oak Cardigan. Possibly my friend and I will start our  Mr Bluejeans knit along but I suspect that we won’t start for several weeks yet. If necessary the Gnarled Oak can take a nap.

I failed to mention in last week’s posts that I’ve oiled up my wheel and am spinning everyday. I also hope to warp one of the looms for some weaving starting the first part of February.

My mail carrier has filled my box a couple of times this week so I have some temptations. Some of these have been on order for a good while I have a couple of more things on the way. I’m trying to limit my yarn purchases to hard-to-get yarns but sometimes I cave to the addiction and buy other things. One can’t expect yarn to travel across country alone.

This is Dancing Dog Dyeworks Waltz Worsted kit in The Grinch in Whoville with Cindy Lou Pink. I bought it to make my Priscilla but then saw Unicorn Freckles and just had to use that. The Grinch in Whoville will be a special softie down the road you can be sure. Anything less would be yarn abuse.


These are from Desert Vista Dyeworks. These are her January colorways. She has a Russian theme going so I bought Borscht (right) in her Viso base . The other colorway is New York City New Years Celebration and has stellina which gives it an almost iridescent look and is just plain (to quote 2 Broke Girls) DUHMAZING!!


I love animated movies and Finding Nemo is one of my favorites so yes I had to have clown fish yarn from knitpurlgurl. This will be a pair of socks.


Till next time, no tinks, no frogs, just knits.


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