Polygamous Week

I did really well with the monogamous part of my 2013 plan. I’m already polygamous. Since it’s the first week of the month, I woke up my Evenstar. This month is really slow going. Knitting a row takes about 1.5 hours so I’ve only knit 2 rows a day. Yesterday I was gone most of the afternoon and didn’t work on it at all. I’ll take a picture of the area I’m working before I put it back to sleep on the 7th.

Another reason for the polygamy was I signed up for TTL Mystery Sock KAL 2013. I’m using US size 0 needles and Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock.  Generally I love Kirsten Kapur’s designs but I’m not feeling the love for this one so far. She used a picot cast on which looks like a ruffle (yeah I realize it won’t once stretched over my big fat leg). I almost frogged when I finished the cuff of sock 1 but decided to wait until I see the next clue. I will wait and post a picture when the project’s finished since it’s a mystery KAL. Also my participation means I’ll be a bigamist for at least another four weeks.

Even though I was polygamous, I had two finished objects which makes the polygamy not so bad. First I finished my Girl from Nantucket Mitts in Tempted Yarns Lil Luxe Grrl. I used US size 1 needles and only repeated through pattern row 16 after the thumb hole. I wasn’t sure I’d like the afterthought thumb hole but it was not nearly as bad as I’d imagined so was fine. In the spirit of just knitting for fun, I stuck these on top of the queue when I saw the yarn and pattern. So they were my first “me” knit after the Christmas knits. I love this yarn and the pattern and the mitts are very soft.

100_0681Also right after the Sandy Hook School shooting, I decided the best thing I could do to help those folks and to fight evil was to do some random acts of kindness (RAK). So here’s Sam the Super Frog and he was knit on US size 5 needles in Cascade 220 and wearing a cape elegantly fashioned in Liberty Wool. He really needs 18 mm eyes but I couldn’t find any locally. (Actually I stopped at Michaels and after 15 minutes of aimless wandering in search of eyes, was reminded why I shop at Joann’s or online and left the building.)

100_0680T and V, if you’re reading this, stop giggling. I think I’ve found a new knitting passion. I love making the softies. They’re quick to make, provide a little instant gratification, are portable and usually don’t require a lot of counting so are good for working in public. I find myself accumulating softie supplies and stashing softie yarn (this may not be so good). I’m already planning another Priscilla the Persnickety Pig (for me) in GnomeAcres Aran Tweed in Unicorn Freckles .(see below) This colorway reminds me of watermelons. I’m looking for some small flowers or a straw hat for my Prissy Priscilla.


Today I’ll cast on the first of two Crosswords at the Coffee Shop in Malabrigo Rios in the Indiecita colorway in US size 8 needles. I’ll be making the longer shawl version. I think the shawlette looks like a scarf and both of these are prayer shawls. I suspect that this will not be a good Monday knit night project so I may also cast on Priscilla as a work in public project. (yes more bigamy)

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.

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