A bit off kilter

I’m a bit off kilter this month with Evenstar knitting. My knitting plan for this piece is to work it the first seven days of each month but I had creeping crud on November 1 and plumbers in the basement working on the hot water heater and a weekend full of commitments. So I forgot to start November Evenstar knitting. Also I’m feeling the need to be monogamous or bigamous at most and counting the Evenstar I have 4 projects on the needles. Some of which have deadlines because they are Christmas knitting. So I’ve decided to skip November Evenstar knitting and focus try to get down to one or two projects. The Antler Cardigan will my work-in-public project and the Witchy socks will hibernate for a bit.Once two of the stockings are finsihed then I’ll focus on the Antler Cardigan and the socks will be the work-in-public project.

I did finish sock one of the Witchy socks so I have a HO (half finished object). I started sock 2 and finished the toe.

I worked on my Christmas stocking but discovered that it was a bit off kilter too. I had one too many stitches in one of the intarsia motifs. Lesson learned–don’t work intarsia unless I’m alert. So I frogged about 22 rows. Frogging intarsia is not fun. Since I decided to go bigamist instead of polygamist, I was able to make a good deal of progress today at the shop and hope to finish the intarsia part and be ready to start short row heel shaping when I go to bed tonight. Again this is a kit that Gate City Yarns can order from Elegant Heirlooms. They’re economically priced and come with everything but needles.

I did a bit of work on the Antler but you really can’t see in a picture.

The postal service brought yarn today. I caught an Another Crafty Girl update on Monday and had been stalking Gamut (right) for a while. This is in her sparkly sock. Since I couldn’t have yarn travel through Superstorm Sandy alone. I tossed a skein of Ghost Children in Oh Shiny Sock which is 50/50 merino/silk (definitely shawl stuff). I think this colorway is springy so will make a nice spring wrap.

Speaking of Superstorm Sandy,my thoughts and prayers to all who were affected by her. I helped to hurricane clean-up in Eastern NC several years ago. We were cleaning out houses that were no longer habitable and taking folks precious family memories and trashing them. We found clothes that were left in washing machines. It’s hard to take in the devastation. May God comfort you all.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.


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