SAFF Sex and Hangover

No I didn’t mis-spell that first word. SAFF is the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fest and nothing is safe about it for a fiber addict like me. Stash enhancement expedition there was.

We left Thursday around noon. One carload with trailer left from Gate City Yarns. I was in the car also with trailer that left from Rising Meadow Farm. On the ride up, we texted back and forth…or rather the co-pilots did. Part of the texting dealt with the fact that I had a full-blown case of buy-thumperitis. The folks in the booth next to us breed English Angora bunnies and a friend and I always help one another NOT buy bunnies. This year I even decided where my bunny would live. But my friend had her co-pilot text me that I would not–repeat NOT–buy any bunny!

Friday bright and early I visited the bunnies and picked out the bunny that I would covet but NOT buy and went off on my shopping spree. I went down to Gale’s Art booth and purchased a couple of skeins from her–Love Me Tender in her 50/50 merino wool/silk base (top) and Indian Corn in her merino cashmere nylon base.
The Love Me Tender became the bunny placebo. When I said “bunny,” someone would hand me the yarn and say “pet.”

Also purchased a skein of Kauni in the rainbow colorway. This will be a shawl of some sort–Hitchhiker maybe. I thought about buying another but decided that I could get color change yarn in softer bases from indy dyers.

I also walked up to the “barn” as we call it. The real name for this building is the Sales Arena. It’s pretty much an open area where they keep animals to be sold. From Unwind Yarn Company, I bought a skein of Driving to SAFF in her Twinkle yarn (bottom) and Alpine in her Shiny Happy MCN base. The Driving to SAFF will be socks as it is very similar to the Indian Corn I bought from Gale. (oops) I’ve been on a fall color kick lately.

Also in the barn was KnittyandColor and I bought a skein of Pandora’s Aquarium in a sparkle base from them.

I also bought from Unplanned Peacock a skein of Rosetti in her MCN base.

While there,I received a message that I Dream of Zombie in House Gnome base had shipped from GnomeAcres. It arrived today.

My SAFF knitting project is a pair of plain vanilla socks in Witches’ Brew from Dancing Dog Dyeworks. I LOVE this yarn. I’m almost finished with sock 1 but will not be able to finish sock 2 in time for Halloween.

My car knitting was the Antler Cardigan. I’ve worked about 3 inches on the body.

Since I won’t be able to finish the socks in time for Halloween, I decided to start working on the first Christmas stocking in the afternoons. I cast on Joy. This is a kit that comes from Elegant Heirlooms and can be ordered from Gate City Yarns.

I’m happy to report that no bunnies came home with us. Debit was hoping for a bunny picnic which is one of the main reasons I have no bunny.

I do have a fiber hangover which I’m still nursing and Debit is exhausted from her weekend at doggy camp. A parent of a fellow camper brought zombie dog biscuits for all the dogs there. None of the  other dogs liked them. When distributed, they’d lay them on the floor and Debit scarfed them up. So she has a box of zombie biscuits.

So till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.


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