Curing the Rhinebeck Blues

I’ve never been to Rhinebeck. It’s pretty far to travel and falls the weekend before SAFF so I go to SAFF instead. I get a bit blue when all my friends in other places start talking about going to Rhinebeck because I’d really like to see them. I’ll see some friends at SAFF but a lot of my friends don’t go to SAFF (probably for the same reasons I don’t go to Rhinebeck). This year my Rhinebeck blues haven’t been quite so bad because yarns that I ordered several weeks ago are arriving so, at least, I get the stash enhancement effect. I also got my ChiaoGoo Twist Red Lace Interchangeables and think I’m in needle heaven. I really don’t have much knitting progress but thought I’d post some of the stash enhancement so I don’t have a run-on post on Saturday.

I did get replacement beads for the ones that Debit ate Tuesday so resumed work on Trapeze yesterday. I worked one row in about 4.5 hours. I worked a few rows on the sleeve of the Antler Cardigan.

Wednesday’s mail I received some self-striping Halloween yarn from Dancing Dog Dyeworks. This was ordered several weeks ago and is my first but won’t be my last order from them. (I have trouble catching her updates. )The yarn is packaged with paw print tissue and ribbon.

She sent Sour Patch Kid Zombies which Debit went bonkers over. She whined and bounced until I finally gave her a small bite. Watching her chew was hilarious. She has a sweet tooth and also loves Twizzlers which Piddleloop Jen would send her extra. She will snitch candy corn out of the grocery bag if I don’t watch.

The yarn on the bottom is Witch’s Brew and the other is Tricks or Treats.

Also on Wednesday was Friday Studios. This comes from Sweden and arrived relatively fast. The Falling Leaves colorway (on the right and close-up) is not in my normal color palette (a girl can only wear so much purple, red and blue). I’m in love with this colorway. This is a self-striping yarn and has a smidge of purple in it. I plan to make Halloween self-striping socks while at SAFF and now am debating whether to knit Falling Leaves or Witch’s Brew above.The other colorway is Lumber Jackie.

Today the holiday yarn (also ordered several weeks ago) from GnomeAcres for the Knitabulls KAL arrived. The red and white is Candy Cane and will be knit into Skew socks. The other colorway is Under the Tree and doesn’t have project yet.It’s her MCN base so will probably be a shawl.  I bought this yarn because Amanda aka Gnome Gal told that after decorating her tree she laid under it and looked through the branches and these are the colors she saw.

Also in today’s mail is Florak from Evil Genius Dyelab. This will definitely be a lively pair of plain vanilla socks. I think this is a new dyer and she has a “wicked” sense of color which I love. This is on her MCN base.

I think I have one more delivery to arrive tomorrow which I’ll include in the Saturday progress report.

So I miss my friends who’re at Rhinebeck but I’m sitting here in NC expanding the stash in my recliner where it’s nice and warm and dry. I hope you all have fun and travel safe. I look forward to seeing your reports. Guess I’d better get back to the beads.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.


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