Just didn’t add up

Yeah I’m a math geek. I firmly believe that 2 plus 2 will always equal 4. I mentioned last post that I changed the pattern for my Christmas sweater. I originally planned to knit In Leaf. Friday I downloaded the pattern and,as I like to plan and set daily goals (blame it on my day job, I’m an accountant), opened a spreadsheet to calculate the approximate number of stitches. The row gauge was 20 rows equals 4 inches in garter stitch. The piece is knit from bottom up and required 3 inches (15 rows) before shaping started. Next is decrease row for total now of 16 rows worked. Then repeat the decrease row every 26 rows 4 times. The total rows worked is now 120 rows which, if stated gauge is correct, is 24 inches. The pattern then states work even until piece measures 17.5 inches. Excuse me I’m already past that. Now I could deal with that part. In my humble opinion the gauge should probably be 30 rows equal 4 inches in garter stitch.

The real problem came when I noticed folks on Ravelry commenting about the neck shaping. Stated stitch gauge is 18 stitches equals 4 inches. The finished neck measurement is 20.75 inches (approximately 94 stitches). After the last decrease row and at bind off I count 165 stitches for my size (36 inches). Knitty we have a problem. This pattern doesn’t add up and this isn’t the first time I’ve had math problems with designs (remember Night at the Gruene). Reading others’ Ravelry  comments on both these designs indicated that the problem was the pattern and not faulty math on my part. If I wanted to do the math, I’d design my own sweaters (I do occasionally). Letting someone else do the math is just easier.  So my Christmas sweater will be knit using Antler Cardigan .I’m using Cascade 220 in a Christmas-y looking green on US size 8 and 5 needles and have buttons with cardinals on pine branches that will be used.  It’s my only project right now so I’ve been able to finish one sleeve and hope to finish the second tonight or tomorrow.

The replacement beads for the Trapeze came this afternoon so I’ll resume work on it tomorrow. I’d love to finish both these projects before SAFF but don’t think the Antler will be done. I plan to work on self-striping Halloween socks while at SAFF. The yarn for those should be here Thursday. I was thinking about making another Wingspan while there but have decided to finish Antler instead.

As I said I do have yarn en route. I have Halloween self-striping and Christmas yarns on their way. I found a new dyer that has some evil colorways with quirky names…Evil Genius Dyelab. (Yes they are so evil that I caved but I had a coupon.)

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.


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